Swiss Users Beware Metal


Especially since UK has garbage wage growth too :pensive:


Ummm. Pay less? Swiss users pay more than the ones in the EU. Just look at the pricing table on :r:'s website. 160 CHF is more than 135€ and more than 160 GBP and definitely more than the mere 500 RON I was paying before moving to Switzerland. And on top of paying more, we still get less benefits than other EEA users (insurance, higher ATM limit, etc.).


Did you actually read my previous responses?

And even in absolute terms, the “more” you referred to is eight cents.


@AndreasK I do think this is a serious issue! Can you provide any update from the responsible team?


…you have still failed mentioning WHERE we swiss pay less.
you just keep mentioning a high salary - but still forget about the high prices and fees we pay with that salary…

Look, even if you would be right, it is still NOT a bold demand to get a refund for swiss-users, WHO CAN’T USE HALF OF THE SERVICES CONNECTED WITH THE PACKAGE THEY PAY…
(or do you have an excuse for “let swiss pay for something they can’t use because of the high salarys”??)

(dude, your argumentation is plain wrong. not every swiss has high salary, good job aso! (check newest stats - working poor on the rise!!) and your way of saying “grab them by the wallet” is so … (not going to write it) look - if you hate swiss and switzerland, leave the country. but stop asking companys to make it even worse for swiss!)

sad to see this issue is still one. (i could mention some ways on how to solve it, but that’s WAY beyond my paygrade.)


I think the point he’s trying to make is that the Swiss have very good average pay and higher purchasing power than the majority of Europe, so you’re spending less of your disposable income, not that you pay less in monetary terms.


yes i know what point he wants to make, thats why i call his bluff!
he mentions the high salary, but NOT the high prices!!
there are companys making special “swiss prices” everywhere; go to any shop site (except amazon, there you only see the differences on checkout), change your location manually to switzerland and see how less we pay.

to compare purchasing-power, one needs to compare the economically standardised “shopping cart” (with the personal nees as) to see how high the purchasing power is. know what? switzerland, internationally compared, is lowranking due to the high prices (even below germany!)… have fun googling the statistics. start at the WTO…


Absolutely, and that was pretty clear from my previous responses, as well as from the discussion @the-mike referred to.

For everyone who still believes this is not the case, I’d just like to leave this bit of information here: the average income in a country and its respective Revolut fee

Country Average net income Local fee for Metal % of income
CH CHF 5,136 CHF 16 0.31%
FR EUR 2,225 EUR 14 0.63%
RO RON 2,792 RON 55 1.97%

0.31 vs 1.97, go figure :wink: even in France it is twice as expensive - and that is not even considering disposable income yet (even taking higher prices in CH into account one will have more disposable income with a salary of EUR 4,500 a month than one with EUR 580).

No offence, but complaining about a missing side perk is “first world problems”.



As someone who lives in the UK I can safely say my prices are about as high if not higher, yet I’m earning less than an average Swiss (with my part time job to bridge my student loans haha)

I would say this is wrong, insurance is a big part of metal or premium.


@alessandro @the-mike this is not really on topic tbh. Point is we are being advertised insurance that we don’t get if we (swiss customers) pay for metal. Got nothing to do with average salaries and cost of living…


That might be for some, for others not. My point is not that Swiss residents should not have that perk too, but rather that this whining is somewhat exaggerated considering that price is considerably lower in Switzerland. If Metal cost CHF 67 a month I’d be the first to argue that it is unfair because the ratio is the same.


I’m telling you, aside from the insurance there’s no real reason to have metal or premium. Not on their own, it’d need replacing with a decent perk.


I would disagree here. The advantage of Metal compared to Premium might be up for debate, but Premium definitely has advantages over the Free plan.


What does it have over the free plan? Besides the unlimited money exchange and disposable cards, which aren’t worth £72.

With another card I can get unlimited withdrawals abroad for free :thinking: so it’s just the disposable cards and unlimited exchange, but I can get the exchange with transferwise and get similar end amount in foreign currency for free. It’d even get there quicker for a lot of currencies, as they use local transfers.

So its just the disposable cards right?


Well, we will have to agree to disagree here. Also, please keep in mind there are other things which you do not have with Free. Better support (hopefully one day), free delivery, premium card designs (and yes that is important to many people).

Personally I dont think the Metal plan is worth it at the moment, Premium on the other hand can be, depending on one’s use case.


The free support is fine, they typically reply to me within a minute, with 30 minutes being my longest wait, which has only happened once. I’ve even managed to contact them at 4am GMT, which is impressive.

Sure, £4.99 saved every time you order a card, what value.

So you’re saying the premium appeals to people with their priorities out of order.


You’re right, it’s off-topic.
AND i already know alessandro doesn’t get the high prices-situation.
As for the “salary isn’t enough for paying what one needs” - well that’s a GREAT issue in CH, too (hence we wanted to control immigration from EU, bc especially commuters ask for their local salarys, creating big pressure in swiss market)

Also i should know that alessandro does not see the error in his argument:
“swiss have high salary, let 'em pay higher fees for stuff they can’t even use”… (btw netflix does this; 19CHF max-package, we have half the movies/series germany has (who pays half for max-package but more content)… everyone can see how wrong it is (btw that’s why I’m in this thread - too many promises for swiss customers - not keeping them at all).

It would be easy for revolut to somewhat solve this issue; either:

  • charge for each perk/service/whatever they call it, and make “geoblocks” on those things not available to that particular region.

  • mention clearly and un-missunderstandable “certain services in this package may not be available in your country” (and clearly state which ones aren’t)

  • give out easy refunds if a customer purchased the “plus” due to a service that is not available in his country (hence the “plus” becoming a “minus”)


Maybe you have some premium metal plan :wink:, but support never responded within a minute to me. If I am lucky I got an initial response within the 30 minutes you mentioned. Many times I had to wait for hours.

Whether people have their priorities out of order is not for us to decide and not really the point I was addressing. Fact is it is important to many people, just look at the frenzy that took place when Revolut started offering metal cards, people jumped on the bandwagon by the dozen.


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I don’t.

You’ve clearly not used support within the last few months. They’ve really improved it!

I’m telling you if you’re willing to spend £72 on a card a year because it looks nice, your priorities are out of order. I don’t care if its not for me to decide or not, I tell things as I see them.

That’s because it’s a truly premium design I guess, comes with benefits that people could make use our of too (like insurance!)

I don’t think this is the right topic to start picking at someone’s personal financial situation. They’re correct in saying Revolut shouldn’t be charging a similar price when they offer less, regardless of the average wage of a Swiss resident.

Also, your figures would be a lot better if you averaged them into a common currency such as USD or perhaps EUR or even GBP. Its very difficult to go “they earn this much” when each currency is worth different amounts. CHF is worth less than EUR for example.

Even if we convert figures into a common currency you’re misunderstanding the point @the-mike is trying to make. Switzerland is more expensive than Romania by a considerable margin, so for you to compare an apple to an orange is misleading, I’m sure this isn’t intentional of you but if you can’t crunch the numbers properly, don’t crunch them :roll_eyes: