Swiss Users Beware Metal


Hi, I live in Switzerland and am a Metal subscriber. Now Metal in the App is advertised as having the insurance included but as I wanted to make a claim Barbara from the support told me the T&Cs don’t include residents of Switzerland!! How can this be legal, to be advertised something and then not actually getting what I was promised! I really like revolut and have been loving it so far but this is close to a scam honestly


Nowhere does it say that Switzerland is excluded! @AndreasK


This has been an issue for quite a while now: Swiss residents travel insurance


Oh didn’t know that there already is a thread. Well I’m going to formally complain as this is not ok. Then Revolut should not advertise the insurance in switzerland simple as that. Also in their terms with the metal card it clearly states « we shall provide you with Metal Services.


Enjoy your fight and let us know please :wink:

Found here : Revolut Group Statement of Insurance here if this can help you.


Thank you @Hawkblesker! I have now filed a formal complaint with revolut. Let’s see what happens, they have 8 weeks to reply though. They really need to be careful with this in the US haha otherwise they get a lawsuit after lawsuit.


I actually complained about “Revolut Group Statement of Insurance” claiming that Swiss residents are included in insurance when they introduced Metal.

They told me that Swiss users are not included, and the “Statement of Insurance” claiming otherwise is a “typo”/“mistake”.


Checking the White Horse insurance policy you can see that this insurance is available only to EEA residents. Switzerland is not.

@AndreasK maybe it’s time to correct the sentence inside the Revolut app or to find an insurer who does worldwide coverage.
Otherwise it’s a false statement. Because for now Revolut insurance covers only EEA residents.


The thing is I have never signed with White Horse directly, they are a partner of Revolut, I have signed up for Revolut Metal that is advertised to me, a Swiss Resident, as having the insurance included. So frankly it is not my responsibility to go and check if I am covered by the insurance. There is no asterisks, no comment that the insurance is not available in Switzerland, nothing. To me a clear misleading ad. Like can I then assume that other insurances are also not available to me in Switzerland, like the global medical insurance? Don’t get me wrong, I love Revolut for what they do best, banking and currency exchange etc. but if I am willingly sold something that then in the end is not was it was sold to me as then I simply cannot just sit here and do nothing about it…


I don’t have a legal background, nor is consumer law part of my job, but my (admitted limited) understanding of these matters is that when registering for the account, you will have made an action - sometimes a tick-box for example, or tapping a labelled button - to acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the services. Therefore I believe that it is your responsibility to check if you are covered.

Having a Premium or Metal account with Revolut doesn’t guarantee eligibility for the travel insurance. From the General Terms of Service :link::


31.1. If you are a Premium and/or Metal; User, you will, if you qualify, benefit from the Overseas Travel Insurance (…)

Having said that, I completely understand your frustration about any restrictions not being more visible. Perhaps this could be included in a summary or FAQ page going forward.

No medical insurance for Swiss users (even premium)

many similar situations have been reported in the past, and not a single time :r: has actually done something to sort it. until someone actually takes their misleading advertising to court it won’t change.


Hi guys!

Merry Christmas to you and your family. We’re working on this as we speak.


Are there any updates on that issue?
I was going to buy the metal card, but that’s a big turn-off (and definitely the app is misleading).

I suggest either finding an alternative insurance policy for Swiss resident, or at least providing a discount for Swiss residents for the metal/premium cards (I think it’s fair, given that medical and flight insurance are a big part of the benefits).


+1. It’s really misleading, you see insurance is included, price is 8.99 / 15.99, you order, in your price plan there’s no insurance.
Should be updated urgently.


They did react to my complaint quite quickly but the response was basically:

As a Metal customer, you wanted to make a claim as your luggage has been delayed by more than 4 hours during your recent travel. Unfortunately, it has been identified that as a citizen of Switzerland, travel insurance is not something we can offer to you as part of your Metal plan.

Our decision was based on the travel insurance policy available as a part of our Terms and Conditions:

This policy is available for European Union / EEA residents only.

That’s all I received. If I wanted I guess I could complain to the FCA in the UK but I didn’t go that far as I am moving to Paris soon… so that problem will be resolved then for me. But yeah they’ve refunded me one month of the metal cost and said sorry. Also they said they forwarded this to the relevant team. I don’t think anything is going to change tbh.

EDIT: I would love to understand the legal point of this though. How can it be legal to advertise something that then is cancelled out in the T&Cs. Any lawyers here?


I find that request a bit bold, considering that Swiss residents pay - from a relative point of view - a lot less anyhow :wink:


How much less ?? We are paying 15.99 CHF. UK users are paying 12.99£. 12.99£ are 16.99 CHF, we are paying 1 CHF less. Lot less you say ? “No fee ATM withdrawals up to £600 per month” for UK users, for SWISS users is 600 CHF. That means, 185 CHF per month less withdrawals without fee, than UK users. So, we are paying 1 CHF less per month for no medical/travel insurance and less withdrawals. I really like my Revolut, but I cant understand why we cant have insurance ? I dont need medical insurance, but what is with travel insurance ?


Please note “relative point of view”. Considering that Swiss salaries are decisively higher than anywhere else in Europe the amount Revolut charges goes, relatively, automatically down.


:grin::rofl: ok…but that doesnt mean that we need to pay for something what we cant use…


I am not saying the situation is entirely satisfactory, just that I would not consider it that much of an issue considering the fee charged in Switzerland is - from a relative point of view - lower anyhow :slight_smile: