Swiss Transfert on Revolut



Can I transfer CHF directly from Swiss local bank to my Revolut account ?
And is it free ?



SWITZERLAND - Free top-up methods --> working method (TW)

Hello @Xav7822 !

It is now possible to transfer CHF directly to Revolut for Business account. We have recently introduced unique IBAN for that currency as well as for many others allowing to transfer funds to the account held in your company name.



Hi @Xav7822

I just set up my Revolut Business account for my Swiss company. Just to let you know, that although @rafael_revolut is talking about unique IBAN in the name of your company, there are no Swiss IBANs yet.

What this means is, that you’ll get a GB IBAN (for CHF account) and your local bank will still see it as an international transfer and charge you for it. This is really inconvenient and you would need to use the same workaround as private customers to get money into your Revolut account, without any charges from your local bank.

Hope this helps.


hi fl0w,
Thanks, you answered precisely the question I had.
What workaround are you referring to ?