Swiss transfer CHF to Revolut 25CHF fees

I’m currently working and living in Switzerland.
For months, I have been using this app to transfer money from CHF to EUR.
Because it’s a SWIFT transfer, my Swiss bank takes 6CHF, regardless the amount. And that’s all.
Right now, for no reason, no communication, and no changes, my bank still takes 6CHF … But Revolut (or the Lloyd, as they say) took 25CHF on top of this 6CHF, meaning that it cost 31CHF for each transfer from a Swiss bank to Revolut. That’s a proper scam.
Before, it was for free. No fees.
Then 25CHF. What’s next ?! 100CHF per transfer? 200?
I asked the question; here the answer :
“I am not able to answer this question, Maxime. I am really sorry. As banks are not always transparent about their fees, unfortunately, we cannot provide a conclusive amount that you could be charged.”

So, next transfer … surprise ?!
So disappointed.


This will get fixed once they finally introduce the Swiss IBANs, which they have teased us with since ages. Until then use TransferWise Mastercard to load money onto Revolut. See here for more infos: SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods (update: April 2018)

The longer they wait with Swiss IBANs the more customers will get acquainted with their competitor TransferWise…


Hello @Maxou64 :wave:

It seems that your question is about an incoming transfer to your personal account.

Please rest assured that Revolut does not charge for such transfers, however, as with any SWIFT transfer, the charge may be taken by any intermediary banks or payment processors, as well as originating and beneficiary banks.

To help eliminate any extra costs, it’s also important to check if you’re sending the correct currency to correct account details. For example, sending EUR to a USD account will result in currency conversion on the beneficiary bank’s end, which may mean that you’ll receive a smaller transfer amount than anticipated.

If you have any questions on how to make a successful bank transfer and save funds, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our in-app support team.

Kind regards,

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Hello Olga
I’m sending CHF to my Revolut CHF account.
It’s not a “personal account” issue.
My co-worker are using Revolut. They were transferring CHF to there CHF revolut account with no fee (except the 6CHF) for months.
Now, they face the same problem: this 25CHF fees.
We process the same transfers with the same settings. Until now, we had no problem. And here we are now : An extra 25CHF.

Thanks Thaek. We will probably use transfrrwise from now.


I had the same problem today with the 25chf of fees and received the same copy/paste answer as you. It doesn’t help. Called my bank in CH , called the Lloyd in UK. No one could help me and give me a clear answer. For sure I am going to have a look on TW

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@Maxou64 I will send you a DM to confirm more details!


@olga_revolut I’m working in Swiss and leaving in France. Could you send me a DM too?

hello, I have the same problem. living in Switzerland I sent money to my revolt account (from CHF to CHF) via SWIFT transfer. My bank charged me 2CHF (fixed fee), but I got 6 CHF less to my revolut account. Why is this extra charge? No-one from revolt or my bank could give me any answer. @olga_revolut could you explain an extra charge ?

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  1. With a business account is it possible to receive payments in CHF? Ideally they would stay in CHF but if they switch to EUR I would live. What is the transaction fee?

  2. IS this really the only way to get support? I’ve just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to ask this basic, general question. I have to pay Revolut and this is the support I get?

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Hi there!

It’s possible to receive payments in CHF. You can set up a CHF account and you will receive an IBAN associated with this currency.

As for the support - no, of course not. You have a support chat in both personal and business accounts. To access it, just click on speech bubble in the business account and someone from the support team will be with you for a private conversation.

Can you provide me with your e-mail address associated with business account, or are you only planning Revolut for Business account?

:wave: :sun_with_face:

Let me know!

I am still waiting for a CHF transfer made from a Swiss bank to my CHF IBAN. I has been exactly one week now and the money still hasn’t reached my account. Although Revolut says it should only take 1-2 days. Has anyone used the CHF Iban transfer yet? How long did it take you to receive your money?

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It worked for me in 2 days, non-business account.
Did you put correctly your reference number and Revolut address?

What about a small manual how to transfer CHFs to a CHFs Revolut account?

  • For privat usage
  • For business usage

So many posts have been written, and the questions have no end …

Dear David,

I hope you’ll be able to help me.

I’m new at Revolut; living in Switzerland, with another account at “Banque Alternative Suisse” BAS. I transfered 2010 CHF from my BAS account to my CHF Revolut account thanks to the CH IBAN. Ten days later, I did not receive anything. BAS says the money is in Credit Suisse. Credit Suisse says Revolut should tell me where my money is.
Any chance somebody from Revolut can help me find my money?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Kind regards

Did you contact the in app support already? If something with the reference number does not match, it is stuck on the CS account without being credited to you.
Revolut has to comply with anti money laundering laws as well. This can cause delays of sender and receiver do not match, especially if you have a new account with Revolut. You might have to prove the source of the money to them.

Hi, for a transfer from a swiss bank in CHF to a revolut account, which direction should the sender put? thanks in advance

For a transfer form a Swiss bank, just enter the CS IBAN, bank will be recognised automatically, beneficiary is Revolut, and you need to enter your reference number into the appropriate field. Usually the field is called reference for the recipient.

You can send the information to you by mail by using the share icon while you display the CHF account information in the app.

How enter référence Number for ubs versement ?
Thank you i need help :grimacing:

hi, is it possible for Englisch limited company and all costermes are from switzerland to Receive payment like private swiss Revolute acontholders on ‘Credit Suisse Schweiz AG’ ?

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