Swiss Premium users - not so premium - No Travel insurance offered despite offered to EU customers

When will Revolut bring the insurance products to Switzerland? I am a Premium customer, but feel let down, as travel and device insurance are not available. Also no Swiss IBANs. Why are we second class Revolut citizens. Shame, cause Revolut is an otherwise awesome product. It would also be great to have mobile payment facilities, such as Apple Pay activated, as this too has been coming soon - since summer 2017.


You are NOT second class citizens. The problem is that the swiss is not part of the EEA. And therefor it is harder for Revolut and its partners to have insurance there. Hopefully it will come at some point.

Apple Pay is around the corner and Google Pay is in beta.

Swiss IBAN should also be coming soon according to the forum thread.



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That’s true, but my standard bank in Poland offers insurance products (with premium CCs) that do not exclude Swiss residents. So it’s not impossible for Revolut to do the same.

BTW, Swiss citizens:

  • pay more for Premium/Metal than EU
  • have lower ATM limits than EU
  • are not covered by any insurance with R (health I understand - it’s complicated, but luggage/delay? I see no reason)

And for Metal Cashback Switzerland is included in “Europe” even though Revolut makes 10x more money on merchant fees - it pays a very low European cashback.

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Wouldn’t it be fair when Swiss Premium customers would pay less for Premium because they really can’t use all of it?


If you look at the raw number :wink: if you take into account the exchange rate it is less, if you take into account the purchasing power even less so.

In short, unless you want a card with a premium design, the paid services are probably not that interesting for Swiss customers. Case closed :wink:

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So a Swiss national can go to your bank and get insurance?

and resident


Any tax resident in Poland (tax number is needed to apply for a credit card, at least in this bank), also Swiss national can go to this bank, apply for the card, and for 900 PLN/year (240 CHF), they can get:

  • travel insurance (more or less like Revolut one)
  • 4x Priority Pass (unlimited access) - 1 for him/her, and 3 for other people
  • 3% CashBack (this is a time limited offer, but was extended for a few years already)

The CC fee can be lowered to 0, depending on your yearly card spending

There is an income condition that shouldn’t be a problem for most Swiss.
Though for people working in Poland, it’s very challenging.

BTW, these cards are beautiful, but not metal :wink:

This is all just to say, that providing insurance for Swiss residents should be possible but I understand it’s not a priority for Revolut.

But that Swiss national has to be a Polish resident, right? A Swiss resident could not sign up for it, could he?

From what I checked with the bank, they can. The only problem is they need to have a Polish fiscal number, which they get if they ever worked in Poland.

Worked or work? So they would not need any ties to Poland right now?

This sucks! Either we are EU or NOT.

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Europe != EU :wink:


I believe not. But I’m speculating.
If there is here any Swiss national that used to work in Poland, that would be interesting to test :grinning:

What is the exact wording for cashback? Is it Europe or EU?

Yeah that would be very fair… butt well soon :smiley:

It is Europe. So it includes CH and Norway.

Is there a Revolut T&C where I can see what features or services a Swiss resident can get?

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