Swiss Franc transfer time


What experience does the community have with top up by bank transfer for Swiss Francs? I transferred 1 week ago and finds have still not appeared in my Revolut. How long has it taken for others?


Hello @DrLuisDP,

Transfer from a Swiss account is a considered as international transfer and it can take up to 3 working days. Please contact our in-app support chat and provide the bank transfer confirmation.


Andreas K.


Transfer has worked well. Unfortunately, Revoult’s fees are deducted (CHF 25.00).

The payment was made for my CHF account in Switzerland the UBS in Switzerland (local swiss payment) (UBS is Lloyds correspondent bank for CHF).

Revoult insists that this is a SWIFT-Fees and they have nothing to do with it. Although it is clearly a local payment and the charges arise within Revoluts network.


I can agree. Depends on the amount Revolut’s intermediate bank’s fees (25 CHF) will be deducted since they have no direct access to the local CHF banking system.