Swiss Co-Users: Android pay available?

I just installed App-Updates and had “Android Pay” visible on my Nexus5x with StockROM…

Does anyone else have Android Pay/Google Pay (why the different Naming?) suddendly available on his/hers smartphone?

Unfortunatly, my swiss CC wasn’t accepted, neither TW… BUT I was able to activate my revolut card with it… Is this just a glinch with the new Revolut-Version that has been updated today, or did Google finally realise “there are other countries than US and germany”?

It’s not about stock or custom ROM but the model.
I have a Samsung A5 2017 which should have Samsung Pay available but because it’s the international model SM-520F I somehow can’t use it. Even though, it was part of the advertising

I don’t see Google pay on my HTC U12+ and can’t install it from Google Play. Would be nice to give it a try.

Actually, it IS a question about the ROM - try to go to a shop of your Provider and ask them to install a “Swiss ROM” on your phone (sometimes, they are cooperative)

…I had it after the update, didn’t have to install it seperatly, it “appeared” after i installed the latest “Google”-Update…

I’m somewhat confused AND alarmed; IF it is the official App and Google finally brought Pay to CH, obviously it’d be great; but if it’s a spam/phising-attempt, I have to find a solution to keep my banking-Apps running on Custom-ROM (my mainbank uses an App now, that does not like Root or an open Bootloader) as my phone’d be no longer to be considered “safe”… :-/

(is there a way i can check the app for authenticity?)

it seems to be legitimate

Interestingly enough I can now open android pay on my HTC as well. Adding my virtual Visa does not work, it aborts after the terms and conditions acceptance.
@Daidai, what card did you link? What bin number does it have? See, is it an uk or ch one?

…except there’s no Info about Google launching GPay in Switzerland, thus the question “how to find out if the app is legit or a fraud”, as I - acc. a semi-automatic Google-Response (first attempt = copying FAQ-answers and hope the customer’s satisfied) - shouldn’t see the app, as I’m in CH, using a device bought in CH with CH-Sim…

Well obviously I’m happy I can use the Revolut-Card with my CellPhone, YET it’d be interesting if google just sent an update too early and is about launching GPay in CH (which’d be bloody time - not everyone uses Sam Sung and the bitten Apple-Products), or if I’m going to be a victim of a fraud-attempt (as I moron registered the Revolut-Card within that App

Be happy - Google negating the availability of Android Pay/Google Pay in CH, it might as well be another “lets try a non-closed security-leak within Android”-attempt…

Edit: btw I registered my physical Revolut-Card (as I don’t have a virtual one); it didn’t accept my SupercardPlus or the TW-Card

I did not link any card as non of the pay apps work on my international model. I now sent an email to the Samsung Pay support.

It’s very interesting. I’ve now added my physical R Mastercard, BIN from UK, issued in late 2017, to my Google Account through the normal web settings front end on my PC.

I could open Android Pay on my HTC and choose that card. This time, the activation worked. In the process of activation I received an authorisation request (value 0) from MasterCard itself, then one from Google. Interestingly enough, the one from Google was in CHF (the MC one in US$).

As a last step I received an SMS from Revolut with a code which I had to enter in the last step of the setup. After that was done, Revolut sent a Push notification that GPay is now activated as well as Google sent a mail with similar content.

NB: My Google Account is registered to my Swiss address and only to that.

Funny - i just checked, the MasterCard-autorisation i got was in CHF, too…?

Eventough the activation-process was the same, I don’t feel to comfy about this (maybe it’s just a little paranoia :wink:

A little update:
I received a theory from Google-Support (if you should ever need help - don’t ask them, they need help themselves :wink:

They believe I now can use GPay, as my paying-profile (?) shall be a foreign one. Checking it, it states swiss all day long…

I now tested my Android aka Google Pay activated HTC smartphone and could pay with NFC in the Bauhaus near Zurich without problems. CHF 117, no pin required, I just unlocked the phone beforehand.

I also don’t have any information in my Google profile suggesting something other than Swiss residenty. The only exception is the Visa and now MC from Revolut with UK BIN.

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I downloaded the GPay / AndroidPay apk, i was not able tho register my MC’s :thinking::pensive:

I only got my revolut-card working, no CH-card worked (and i wasn’t able to get paypal working with google-pay, neither)

But the app appeared without need of installing it - but i can’t install an update for it (eventough it’s an older app-version)

It’s official now:

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Yep, I also just now received the E-Mail that it has officially launched…

Hey Oliver, how do you feel? To my knowledge, we were the only mere mortals in CH using GooglePay since Friday :wink:

Funny, isn’t it :slight_smile: Let’s now see if my Google Wear smart watch supports it as well!

Well yeah… Unfortunatly, except revolut, none of my cards’ supported yet. No “Superpunkte” for GPay (1st world problems :wink:

Looks like I have another reason to order a Mastercard now.

Great news

Activation on my Ticwatch Pro worked as well, I have yet to use it.