Swiss account + personal iban



Is it planned to have a personnal iban for Swiss accounts ?
If yes, can you provide with a timeline ?



Can anyone from the Revolutioneers please respond to this question!?!


This is becoming a far more relveant topic now…
Transfer Wise have cracked this… So i hope / expect Revolut to deliver on this one. Otherwise, there will be no need to have a Revolut account anymore.
Please sort ASAP…


You just wrote that a few days ago :wink:


yes… Its becoming far more important day by day, especially as pay day has just passed, and then charged 25CHF by bank for transfering to you guys…
:wink: Seems this has been asked for quite some time… And i can assume you have a high percentage of customers in the same boat as me…
So not new, just adding weight and importance to get this onto you plans


Well, in such a case I would not yet recommend to fully rely on Revolut.

I am not disagreeing with you on the usefulness of local PoP for CHF, just saying that it wont get things faster done when you request it every few days :wink:

There were some stories going on of CHF accounts being available within a few weeks - whatever that means :slight_smile:


i though you worked for revolut?? IF not, perhaps someone from revolut could ask and even share their roadmap… would perhaps encourage more investment and premium member sign ups


A few weeks will be the maximum you can get :man_shrugging: