swiping between accounts - pls bring back!

Until recently it was possible (iOS) to swipe between different accounts (eg EUR => GBP => USD… ). Exactly what I liked to do in order to browse and see what’s going on in each of them.

Now suddenly the only way to move between accounts is to click and generate a drop down list and then choose one deliberately. Whilst maybe this is better for some people in some cases (someone with 10 accounts seeking to target one very specifically) for my use case (browsing lazily) I totally hate it.

Please bring back swiping between accounts! (It can cohabit with the dropdown list.)


Fully support this request!


The swiping between accounts never fully worked for me. I would have to sort of stab it with my finger in a special way a few times until it understood. Maybe there was some insoluble problem to fix this and they decided just to do it a different way. I am fine with any reasonable method of moving between accounts.


With about 4 or more currencies I find the dropdown easier but I agree that this behaviour should be configurable.

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It’s annoying because the app doesn’t remember the last position and you always have to scroll down from the top.

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thanks ! fully agree !