swift use but my buisness forgot the ref.

hi the first july the buisness where i work send my pay and he use IBAN SWIFT and when i see the mistake he just say “Wait she back in 2 3 days”, i have contact the support in-app but they are a bug and Rita back. Actualy i have no money …

Which currency? If the IBAN was correct it should have arrived and you need to contact support to have it properly assigned

the IBAN use is the SWIFT and the accounting send without the ref, she isn’t my private IBAN
and is in €

Was it from outside the SEPA area? Otherwise the SEPA account would have been better.

Anyhow, so they sent it to GB90 LOYD 3080 1286 5682 90? Assuming they sent it from outside the SEPA area it would be a regular SWIFT transfer and that can take a few days. I guess it should arrive by Friday.

yes that this IBAN but she Forgot the reference code, SEPA ?? and for you that come 1week later ?

Where did they send it from?

this is send from france

Why didnt you sent it to your personal account then? But in this case I assume it has already arrived, you need to contact support and sort that out.

because the accounting say to me “give me this one” and i don’t see the mistake before Tuesday i have contact the support one time but all bug and rita back im sad…

Rita is just a chatbot. You need to type “live agent” to talk to a person.

Anyhow, give them the personal IBAN for next time.

i have do this yesterday and i talk to a ''real person" and when i have send the proof for get my money rita back so im waiting a new agent

so actualy i have lose my money or i can recover it ?

Your money is not lost. That should be sure. It takes some time to trace the money maybe.
Check out what SEPA is here. <—

What is your base account? EUR? GBP? @alessandro is right. If it is not coming from outside EEA/SEPA and EUR is your base currency use the individual IBAN instead of SWIFT.

SWIFT takes some days longer by the way.

Your money is not lost, assuming they wired it to the correct IBAN it should have arrived but couldnt be assigned due to the missing reference.

I am not quite sure what happened though. So you have spoken to an actual support agent already (not Rita, thats just the chatbot) and you sent them the necessary details? In that case I’d assume they are working on finding the transfer but as Revolut’s support is everything but fast it can take some time.

Give your employer definitely your personalised IBAN as soon as possible, as this will prevent such mixups in the future.