Swift transfer

Can anyone tell me if Revolut returns a swift in the currency it received it. I have had a very bad experience and the customer service was unable to help. By mistake, I sent in swift instead of Sepa (there was no Sepa option the transfer I made). Result: I received the amount back less 340 Euros for… Exchange fees. I can handle the transfer fees for the mistake but not the exchange fees as the account is in Euro and transfer has been made in euro…
Anyone could help?


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I’m really sorry to hear that. Just to clarify the transfer will automatically be rejected. Unfortunately, the intermediary banks can apply fees on this.

Hi, how long did it take to get the money back to your account ? I did the same mistake (transfer via swift).


I did the same mistake, how long did it take to get the money back ?

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Hello, I did the same mistake, I send via swift an amount. Could you please tell me how can I get my money back and how long does it take to get the money back?
Thank you

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