SWIFT Transfer to Canada

I need to send some money to a Canadian bank account. He told me to do a SWIFT transfer in USD, as he has a USD account. But he have me an IBAN no. which starts with CC.

This confuses me, as I thought the US and Canada don’t use the IBAN system and SWIFT is different, so why would there be an IBAN number for a SWIFT transfer. Also, shouldn’t the number start with CA?

Anyways, when I run the number through an IBAN checker, it shows up as wrong.

What information do I need for a SWIFT transfer?

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Hello @Brandis :wave: ,

Welcome back to our community. Thank you for raising your concern with us. SWIFT transfers are usually sent using IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code. Kindly ask the receiver to check his account details once again and share the same with you. :pray:

SG | Community Team