SWIFT transfer rollback



A couple of weeks ago I tried to top up my account with SWIFT transfer. After a week I was informed, that top ups for my account are no longer available and my transfer was sent back (on Sep 28) to my bank account.
As of today, I still did not receive my money back.

What is the status of the transaction?


HI @Mykola

Please contact our in-app support team so we can take a look into your account.


Andreas K


Usually the name on your bank account and revolut need to match. otherwise top up wont be allowed


In-app support told me that transfer is marked as returned on 28th September. More than enough time for transfer to land, but my bank doesn’t see it.


We can provide the reversal confirmation @Mykola, please be aware the transfer will be under PaySafe name.


Andreas K


I suppose I will wait till Friday, and then consider asking you for reversal confirmation.


Another week gone, but I still did not receive my funds.
Is it possible to check the status of the transaction?


Hello @Mykola,

We have requested the reversal confirmation, I will personal contact you once I have it.


Andreas K


I’m sorry to bother you, but any updates on the transaction?


Hi @Mykola,

I have sent it to you via a direct message.


Andreas K.