SWIFT Transaction


I am expecting some money from abroad but when they sent me the money they used the BIC instead of the reference. Is there anyway I can track this transaction? I’ve been trying to use the support chat but it’s either down or no one is answering.

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You mean they entered the BIC in the reference field? Was all the other data (BIC and IBAN and currency) accurate? If so, Revolut should have received it but cant assign it to your account.

Only support can sort that out, make sure you type “live agent” to get to an actual operator.

The other information was correct, I tried typing ‘live agent’ but it does not work. Thank you

Does it not give you an estimate on how long it will take until they get back to you?

Maybe try typing “resolved” followed by “live agent”

I’m having the same issue with live agent. Have been trying since 10am but it just says trying to connect. I also have an issue with an international transfer that need resolving.

No, there’s no such information, hopefully someone will help, do you know how long before they send the money back to the sender if I can’t get help?

it seems to be working now, thank you