SWIFT outgoing transfer - total cost

Is there any way to check the total cost of transferring money from Revolut to the bank account with SWIFT? I assume Revolut transfers go out as SHA (shared cost)

I transferred 10 USD to test, and it arrived for free. I’m just not sure if this can depend on the amount or not.

  • Revolut outgoing transfer is for free
  • I know that receiving SWIFT transfer in my bank is for free (no matter the amount)
  • is there a way to check which banks act as intermediaries and how much they charge?

Hello @Karol,

As banks are not always transparent about their fees, unfortunately, we cannot provide a conclusive amount that you could be charged. We can provide an estimate of the potential fees for the following currencies:

35 AUD
20 CAD
50 AED
16-32 EUR (outside of SEPA)
7500 JPY
35 NZD
20-40 USD

@anon33247966, please could you clarify by whom the above fees are levied?

There are three possibilities:
1- Lloyds Bank UK, Revolut’s supplier
2- Charges by intermediary banks
3- Charges by receiving banks

If any of these charges are category 1, then Revolut needs to publish them, as they are fixed and known.


I’ve made a test transfer in USD from Revolut to my bank account (also in USD).
There were no fees taken (10$ sent, 10$ arrived).

Can I assume that if I send USD again from Revolut to the same bank in the near future, there will be also no fees, or can it be somehow random?

I wouldn’t count on that. I sent THB to Thailand. 4 times, the transfer arrived without fees, 5th and 6th time, fee was significant (around 10 EUR).
It is true, that in the mean time, Revolut changed service provider as far as I know.

@Karol, in addition to what @Mike mentioned, SWIFT transfers of low amounts are sometimes exempt of fees because they are of low amounts… Some banks start applying fees on transfers of higher amounts.

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In the meantime, I have tried the second transfer for $40 and it was still free. Based on what is said in this thread, I do not want to test higher amounts and risk $20-$40 fee by the intermediary banks…

@anon33247966 - let’s say I need to transfer ~1000 USD to my account, and I would like to use Revolut. Is it OK for me to do 20x $40 transfer? Or would it be against some of Revolut’s T&C?

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Unfortunately, I cannot provide an answer on this one. However, the beneficiary bank can see where the charges have been applied. Revolut does not charge for transfer less than 5K, so if the beneficiary banks confirm that they haven’t applied fees that means the charges have been applied by the intermediary banks

@anon33247966 - Although Revolut doesn’t charge any fees set by itself, does Lloyds Bank UK (Revolut’s chosen supplier) charge any fees for these outgoing SWIFT transfers?

@anon33247966 - any chance you could answer my last question please?

Apologies I was on holidays :slight_smile:

It could be a fee by Lloyds Bank UK, as it’s an intermediary bank.

@anon33247966 - Lloyds Bank UK is not an intermediary bank; it is Revolut’s agent and supplier, chosen and appointed by Revolut.

Therefore what fees for outgoing SWIFT transfers are agreed between Revolut and Lloyds Bank UK?

Please let me raise this with the finance team so I can provide an accurate answer.


Andreas K.

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Hi @anon33247966, still waiting for an answer.

Correction: Lloyds Bank UK is an intermediary bank, and fees can be applied by Lloyds too.

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And so what are the fees?


How did you know that? Also what happenes if I send 10 EUR for example and the intermediary bank fee is 20 EUR, will the transfer bounce back to Revolut, or will they take the full 10 EUR?



Most times, it should go through without fees, as it has for Karol. But it’s impossible to anticipate really because all banks have different policies and fees. Thus it also depends on the path the transfer takes accross intermediary banks, and you and I have no control over that.

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FYI - I did a test withdrawal of ZAR 1000 (approx £53 equivalent) to a ZAR account in South Africa, and was charged a whopping 10% (ZAR 100). I have been unable to determine if this is a flat fee or a percentage, if anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated. I may to an additional test withdrawal of a different amount to find out, but it is not ideal. With no FX involved (ZAR to ZAR), I was hoping for minimal fees, if any at all. (Revolut Premium)