Suspicious transaction freezes card but no information in app on what the transaction was



I’m a bit stuck with the app right now, and have not received any response from the ‘live agent’.

basically woke up today with 2 notifications:

  1. that there was a suspicious transaction and my card had been frozen
  2. that my account was down to zero

Logged into app to investigate. The card is frozen until I un-freeze, but there is no information about the suspicious transaction and my account is not at zero.

So I’m not sure what my options are here. If I unfreeze does that approve the ‘suspicious transaction’? No transactions were made last night that would put me to zero. Or maybe something slipped my mind, but I can’t be sure if I can’t see the details.

anyone had something like this happen?

much obliged,



I did have an Amazon transaction blocked the other day, but it was legit (I was buying something) so I simply unlocked the card, told amazon to attempt paying with the same card, and that was it.
I could see the transaction in my Revolut account as blocked.

Did you check all currencies? Maybe the blocked transaction was in a currency you don’t use often and it slipped your mind?

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Thanks for that advice. I switched to check Eur and saw some detail. however, the only transaction was from 4-5 days before the card was frozen. The transaction itself did not go through because the business did not accept the card. So this may be it but, for one, the payment was rejected by the merchant; and, if this was genuine case of fraud, 4-5 days delay before notifying me of suspicious activity and freezing the card is a bit concerning.

Would still like to hear from Rev themselves about this issue, just for some peace of mind. Might consider keeping the card frozen if I can’t get reassurance to what the exact issue is.

Thanks again, I did need some help to navigate



Poke @AndreasK for more help :slight_smile:



What kind of notification do you get? Is it a standard Android notification or is it one of the pop-up messages from within the app itself?

Reason I ask is that yesterday I found my card frozen but didn’t understand why. I figured maybe I pressed the freeze button by mistake and didn’t notice, but now I’m worried that I should be checking all my transactions.



It was a standard Android notification. I clicked on it and it opened the blocked transaction directly inside the app.