Suspicious cash withdrawal


I got two suspicious cash withdraw this morning. Someone was withdrawing cash in Australia Molendinar at 7days convenience sur. I am located in the other side of the world. There was no enough balance in my account so the withdraws were not successful. I disabled my card, transferred the balance back to my bank account immediately.

What happened to Revolut? Was there a database leak?


have you used your somewhere online? probably your details where hacked there.


I used online once. It was for Glasglow airport express bus few weeks ago. Just got the customer service reply. He said the withdrawals were used with the magstripe on the back of the card. It is so strange that I never used the magstripe. I used the chip and contact less pay.

The good thing is I got messages from Revolut app immediately so I could disable my card after the suspicious withdrawal.


sure but this is a security flaw… something must be done.


if it was a magrstripe transaction it means your card has been physically copied. The most common way to steal cards that way is by ATM add-on installed on the scard slot.


Oh no! Very sorry to hear that. Block your card form the card section and contact our support team so we can help!