Suspended Account


Dear Revolut Community,

My account has been suspended after I was supposed to received money that was wired to the recently introduced Euro IBAN Account.

After the transfer was sent back to the sender I contacted Revolut through the InAppChat.

They got back to me and suggested that I could use the old account information with the REFERENCE CODE.

Next I did was to order a premium account to have 24/7 support.

The following day my account has been blocked.

In the chat I can only reach bots who tell me always the same: the account has been suspended due to violation of the terms at 9.1.

However, I went through this and could not find any point that should have been violated.
Unfortunately, since it is only bots answering, I do not get a response.

I still had credit left in the account and do not know how to get this out there or what to do to prove Revolut being wrong in their assumption.


Was the revolut and the Lbank in the exact same name ?


Hi there!

Revolut offered to receive payments via Bankwire, right?
I guess that it was the idea of introducing the EU IBAN Account.
Therefore it has been the name of the client.


Anyhow, is there any way to contact Revolut?
The AppChat nor FacebookChat don"t work for this since I get no answer.


You can “invoke” @AndreasK or @larysa.stachowicz and be hopeful…


Somehow I do not get in contact with them by trying invoke…
It says that the issue is being escalated to a special team.

No answers.


I meant, invoke them here on the forum, to see if they can help…
You can either wait patiently or, when you’ve waited enough, try Twitter :slight_smile:


Hello @Felix,

I’m extremely sorry to hear that. Your account was temporary locked for security reasons, however I can see that our compliance team has helped you to unlock it.


Thank you for your help.