Suspected Missing Funds

Was in the US recently and stayed in a number of hotels using my Revolut card for Deposit; 1st Hotel took $50 deposit and at the end of my stay my bill was $10 and I saw a debit of $10 on my Revolut account; 2nd Hotel took deposit of $300 and the end of my stay my bill was $203.09; but still only the initial $300 is showing on my Revolut account; 3rd Hotel took $100 and at the end of my stay my bill was $19.17; and I saw a debit of $19.07 on my Revolut account; so the 2nd hotel what alerted me; so I downloaded my USD statement - going through it there is a difference of $203.09 between my Paid Out ($4472.81) & Paid In ($4686.95) and my current balance $11.05; am not 100% sure this is due to card being used for hotel deposit but because of the 2nd hotel amount difference - hence am leaning to it; has anyone had similar issue and who/how do I go about getting this resolved? Thanks

Hey, are the transactions from the hotels marked as Pending or Completed?

If they are still Pending then the Hotel have not claimed the money yet. They have up to 7 days to do this. If not they will be reverted to you. Normally they will change the amount of the transaction and only claim part of it.

Sometimes, hotels make a 2nd transaction instead of changing the initial deposit. The deposit is going to be reverted after some time. How long depends on how the hotel handles this. They can release a deposit or they might wait until it expires. This could be up to 7 days after you checked out, unfortunately.

(This is the same for any card and not specific to Revolut.)

Hi, thanks for your response - The hotel transactions are not pending; almost 4wks old; am not 100% sure the suspected missing funds is due to my hotel transactions; just that my 2nd hotel transaction is still showing $300 on my account instead of $203.09; calculated my Paid Out & Paid In & Current balance; there $203 not accounted for; my last transaction on my USD account was on 17April

Have you checked all the other currency wallets?

Hi Frank, Thanks for your response - following your suggestion - I went back and got the statement for my other wallets; EUR; CAD & GBP and both Paid In & Paid Out amount match for this wallets; Only USD has a shortfall