Surname / Given-Name mix up on (verified) account?

Hello Revolut!

I have a possible little problem with my given name and surname that seem to be mixed up in my account (hence on my card, and personal bank account names) - although I’m verified and using Revolut for a very long time without any issues.

Since it’s not a big issue for me so far and it’s probably relevant to some other users, I’d like to discuss this issue here openly instead of the support chat - but perhaps someone @anon33247966 can help me out there with an official statement how to handle that in privat if it’s a problem that needs correction? :slight_smile:

In general I’m using Revolut on a low-level for online payments and sending emergency money to my wife’s card some time or so, works OK-ish for me.
While I’m struggling to use the card more often due to the elephant in the room (support, outages, prepaid instead of standard debit card/declines…), I feel like giving Relolut Premium a go now after you seem to intensify your engagement in Germany, because why not.

Now the issue is that I noticed the names on my card being in the wrong order when I got my first one back in the days, but because I cannot see what you think is my Given name and what is my Surname in the app and all payments work flawlessly so far I didn’t bother with it.
The issue came back to me when the personal accounts were created - there it is obvious that you seem to have my names wrong, but still works, so I didn’t bother either, but it’s a nuisance.

Now before I may or may not upgrade to Premium, I’d like to address that though.

Can someone from Revolut perhaps contact me (here?) and

a) Confirm weather or not I’m right and you got my names in the wrong order and perhaps why that is even though I verified my identity ages ago? :slight_smile:
Maybe I’m just outright wrong but it def. looks like to me like there’s a mixup.

b) Tell me what we can do about it and what kind of hassle it would be to correct that order

I would prefer if my card and bank account numbers stay active - perhaps it’s that easy for you that you just correct my name and everything else stay the same.
I’d also like to make sure that I am not stuck with a locked account or something, so in the unlikely but possible case that it’s a bigger issue and I have to recreate the account, deactivate my existing card or getting new/different bank account numbers, I’d like to know beforehand so I am not an angry customer with money in my Revolut account that I cannot use when needed in case of emergency :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any official help provided!


It should be possible to switch the order of your name if it was entered by accident. However, you cannot manually do this in the app in the ‘profile’ area.

Therefore, you should talk to Revolut’s customer support staff and they can help you accordingly. Type ‘live agent’ in the support to bypass RITA and talk to someone directly.

Thanks for effort, but if you read my LOOOOONG text again, than you may notice that I am trying to resolve the issue here and why, so I’m patiently waiting for a Revolut Support person who knows what he or she is doing to contact me about this - HERE :wink:

Quite frankly, I don’t want to have this discussion in the support chat for various reasons.


Hi @slz,

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on thin.

Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


Andreas K.


Just to provide a feedback to this thread I started:

The issue could be solved, names switched, old card still works, new (Premium) card got the name in the right order, Account numbers still OK… all I needed - thanks!
Seems like the automated(?) verification process just doesn’t check the right order of your legal names.

The only issue seems to be that my top-up limit is halfed now for some weird reason, but that doesn’t really affect me for now, still lame.

From following this forum for quite a while now, I still have no clue how Revolut calculates the top-up limits, it’s very weird. But I guess complaining here doesn’t do any good.

==> Resolved, thanks again!

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The automated verification system got my name wrong too. First Middle instead of First Last. And there is no support. Now that I’ve given them ALL of my personal information they are free to sell it to the highest bidder. Tell me I’m wrong. Support person in here anywhere??

I am opening my account and mistakenly typed in my name in the wrong sequence and therefore I cannot pass the verification step and to get in-app support. can you help me?
Also, it would be helpful to offer chat option in the sign-up location, in case something happens