Surchage / fee after DCC rejection in Poland!!!


Attention!!! additional fees in Poland. Fees charged in Euronet ATMs and in POS terminals in many stores. Today i wanted to withdraw 40 PLN from Euronet ATM. The ATM offers DCC - when i reject it, the ATM informs about the 13 PLN fee. The same situation was in

polish Frash Market today, I pay in the store with revolut card and i rejected the DCC, system informs me about the additional fee 13 PLN (surchage).


Well, something like this happened to me yesterday. I wanted to withdrawal from Moneta Money Bank ATM in the Czech Republic and I declined their DCC then it said I have to pay 195 CZK (= 7.5 € :roll_eyes::grimacing:) fee.
I moved to Fio Bank ATM that was only 50 meters away and it didn’t even offer DCC :slight_smile: and withdrawal had no fee there. So a few meters can make a big difference.

Czech Republic, withdraw money no fee

@lucquee - did you used revolut’s Mastercard or VISA?

p.s. Same situation with Euronet ATM was posted by somebody else here in forum recently. Forum post with screenshot here -> Option to disable GBP transactions to block dynamic currency conversion

He/her tried to withdraw euro from Euronet ATM in Germany, declined DCC but got hit with other fee (like you). So, AVOID EURONET ATM’s !

What is alarming is additional fee in POS after dcc rejecting… wtf (never heard something like that). Might it be that POS you happen to use was also provided by euronet? Can you test it in same POS by using other card (from other provider) where base currency is not PLN?


what is DCC?
please let me know


In case of accepting DCC surcharge will be charged too. The right part of image says:
"Exchange rate is guaranteed and includes transaction fee"
I’ve seen it while using my Curve card (in that time I had used my Revolut card, without any fee).
It looks like change which was made by Euronet provider.


It just seems like a foreign card fee. Not much that can be done about it, tough I hadn’t heard of it in POS terminals


So now they start tacking fees on withdrawals if you dont accept their generous offer with their “favourable” rates?

One really better keeps a laywer around at each withdrawal :wink:


Generous offer and nice fee.
And it it your choice: fee is visible (if you reject DCC) or hidden in exchange rate (if you accept DCC).
In both cases 13PLN extra fee.

Time to avoid Euronet at least in Poland and Germany.


They have been a red flag for a while already - all over Europe :slight_smile:


More reading about the Euronet evil …


Maybe we all can write and send euronet old-school physical letter via post service in same day, condemning their crappy practice. If even 5000 ppl would do it, that would cause massive clogging in their end and might catch media attention.


I tried to withdraw cash from an Euronet ATM today. I see that the additional fee is only when I use MasterCard when I try to withdraw cash with a Visa card there is no charge. In POS there is no fee only in ATMs and only with mastercard.


Exactly. These are photos taken by me:




I suspect the problem is not as much technical as it is commercial. In Asia there have been report of ATM fees for Visa but not MC or the opposite. Maybe Euronet was able to extract some money from Visa so that Visa cards don’t pay fees or some kind of other deal


Euronet is a scam and always was.


Yeah, Janek (Honest Guide) our Czech hero.


Unfortunately- for MasterCard rejecting greedy Euronet’s ratio doesn’t help. ATM will charge you additional fee surcharge- as it is described in OP) even though you decline conversion…


Agree, euronet are cheater
Revolut should add a list in the app, to find safe ATM anywhere
Its the same then paying by card, always use local currency, declining exchange


AFAIK it it standard Euronet’s ATMs behaviour if you don’t use local card (French in case of France, Polish in Poland etc.)


Yes In any ATM
In the video he say is not only Euronet