Supported Countries for opening accounts?

It seems like in Malaysia and UK version of the website, it asked me to “Get the app”, but in Singapore and Australia website, it said, “Get Early Access”.

I would expect that Malaysia is recognized, so I download the app and try to register, but it told me that my country is not supported.

May I know which countries are supported, and is there any identity documents we have to provide?

Hey. EEA countries are supported and you have to provide proof you are a legal resident in one.

here you have the list:


Wasn’t the US added some time ago ? It is not on the list…?

No, at this moment Revolut is not available for US citizens

It looks like “Get Early Access” is not available; “Get the app” is available.

But there are some countries that show “Get the app”, so you downloaded the app, fill in all the information, then they only tell you that the country is not supported yet.

a) the link to revolut which the “supported countries” list does not exist.

b) I have moved from one country to another, both supported. When trying to update the address / country nothing works at all. Each time “talk to us” - someone from support gets online, totally useless, each time “I need to investigate, I don’t know”. Inefficient staff.
So - I still have my wrong address - now for 6 months already.

Well, if they do that, i.e.make you download the app knowing that they won’t be providing service, then I consider this FRAUD - only to get the app COUNTER up on google play store.

Here you have new link: