Support won't answer - Pending charges



I’m trying to get hold of support for the last few hours but I don’t get any response.

I’m currently away on holiday and account is zero but I have over $2000 pending charges. Does anyone know that these are and if I can get them removed?

Many Thanks


Edman - You are in the same boat as me.

I’m beginning to believe Revolut is a scam company.

The pending charges will disappear from your account but they you are not refunded.

Because there is no one responsible at Revolut i.e. anonymous support chat - those names and photos on chat threads are there for show - nothing is ever resolved.


Pending charges usually get refunded, if applicable, in around 10 days.
If those charges relate to purchases, as I believe Revolut uses an offline debit system, they will be fully registered as “Completed” in few hours - days.


I think that the release is made manually, by the Revolut’s personnel. So every time something is purchased or even canceled, someone from the Revolut’s team has to push the button. That’s my feeling.


Hello Edman.

Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account so I can take a look?


Andreas K.


Thanks Andreas.

My telephone number is +447538475678



@Edman Great! Please delete your phone number from here. I will initiate a private message.


Andreas K.