Support wait time + blocked account is driving crazy.


So I am totally suprised to have not received any reasonable response from the support while my account has remained blocked for no reasons… I am wondering when such cases will get eliminated and start being solved faster? It really starts looking to be an intended thing by this company… I have never waited for 10hours on a support…


Having the same problem - account blocked for no apparent reason (did all the necessary verification of personal details + cards), significant funds frozen with no access and no response from the support team for over 12 hours now. And I urgently need to access the funds as I am abroad. As a new user, disappointed with Revolut so far


I am waiting 4 days already. Support chat person reacts every 48 hours and keeps saying “your account is under review”.


Did you try to type : Live agent ?


That Does nothing. They’re either swamped, there are none, the system is broken or the money is stolen.


Using Revolut for 4month ,and all works good.
Accounts don’t get blocked without reason.
Have you verified your ID and top up card?
Have you exceeded your top up limit…
Any extra info on what you did would help to understand what went wrong.
Hope it will get sorted :slight_smile:


Hope is not the problem solver at this case!


Ares, same here, had account for months without issue, but as soon as there is one be prepared to have your money held with absolutely no recourse. The banks suck but at least they listen.


Well,meant that more like good wishes :smile:
If plenty of research been done,most users won’t get in situation where account gets blocked.
Customer support lacking a bit,but they will get there. :slight_smile: I never rang my bank in 12yrs :slight_smile: grinning: I try to not run into.
Forum is good place to start.
You never mentioned your issue.


Takes longer to sort it here thats true.
Bet there is reason that chat is down.

I had very good expierence with Revolut,even support team.

Tough i know how frustrating is to be in your place …


Well I do understand why my account might have been blocked (a new user transferring funds from a number of cards and exceeding my daily limit of top-ups - because I didn’t realise what it is), so I’m not so much frustrated by the account being blocked (I actually even appreciate a bit that Revolut is flagging transactions). I’m just extremely frustrated I can’t get to talk to anybody to resolve the issue, especially since I’ve done all automated verifications of cards/accounts/IDs etc.


I am totally sure that this “technical chat excuse” is normally solveable in minutes not days.


Joined 13hrs ago and considering yourself expert :smiley:
There always is reason why account getting blocked.
It’s automated system.You did what you shouldn’t,there is your reason :smiley:


Depends on the issue. If for instance it is because they have trouble with the scalability of the chat and needs rework, then it would take days not minutes. However i am not saying that is the issue or case!


This is just a lame excuse to keep tons of customer questions away - delay the support. I’ve seen such practices in past, and I keep seeing them right now. Let’s see how long this will take, maybe I am really wrong, but for now - as a customer - I am totally dissapointed in this service. Basically this is what customers pay for, but in exchange you get nothing more than empty promises.


Hi all! Apologies for the long wait. We’re receiving a high volume of requests which is causing delays in getting back to you.

Rest assured, your queries have been escalated to the relevant team.