Support Taiwan dollar


Hi Revolut,

Nowadays, there are more and more Taiwanese in the UK, Europe, AU and USA. A lot Westerner also travel to Taiwan as well.

I’ve been your user for over a year. I really like this card and hoped more Taiwanese people can join Revolut. So I wrote an article on my facebook pages and my travel blog about Revolut and tell Taiwanese people how to use it.

Guess what? Many Taiwanese interested in this card so I helped them to get involved when they have problems with registering etc.

Sadly, Revolut has not supported Taiwan dollar and not EU unable to join.

Hope non-EU people can join Revolut with the passport number and support Taiwan dollars to make traveler easier



Hi @chloethhsu,

Thank you for your time & your support.

We’re currently focusing services in the EEA, however, we’re expecting this to be temporary as we’re working on our global expansion. We’ll be heading to Asia and North America first, by 2018!

TWD is a supported currency. You can’t yet exchange or receive TWD within the app, but you can load card in GBP & spend in Taiwan with the interbank exchange rate :ok_hand:t2:


Andreas K.


Has there been any update regarding Taiwan dollars?

Can I withdraw Taiwan dollars for free in Taiwan?
Or if I load Taiwan dollars in my card, can I pay with it for free or do the interbank exchange rates still apply?

I am thinking of using Revolut to receive my salary, which is in GBP, and then either use the card or withdraw money here in Taiwan.