Support service is very weird.

When I first have a problem with the card, I got connected with support chat within 5 mins.
When I tried to post a new topic with some problems, it was never approved.
And when I tried to contact support chat, I never got answer.
My account is blocked for the reason I don’t know.
I don’t want to know how Revolut filters these things. Could you please unblock my account so I can transfer the money in there and leave Revolut for good? Won’t bother you guys no more as long as you unlock my account.


Hey there,

Did you provide them the documents they have requested?

Documents? What kind of documents? I don’t remember they requested them to me.

Same thing happened to me after uploading my driving licence it was very weird

Support is non existent

Very cautious of proceeding with Revolut after reading bad reviews regarding accounts constantly sporadically getting blocked.

I was planning on using my Revolut account for my holiday money but i am cautious and scared it might get blocked when i am there


My account was also blocked for a week after I withdrew a large amount. My brother’s account got blocked today. Seems like Revolut has miscalibrated some rule and is blocking everyone

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after withdrawing 5500 eur my account got blocked also, and the same, support is forwarding me days after days to another agent and to another one and so on, they are a bunch of incompetents and my toughs right now is that they are scamming peoples, I dont do nothing illegal, i have provided them all the documents they have requested, like from where do i have the money, how much do i make yearly and how much monthly, I’m paying my taxes ? i have a business registered? a lot of stupid questions i have provided them screenshots, invoices from my websites bluring my clients details, proof of ownership of the business, I’m a sole proprietorship I declare and pay my own taxes in my country, thats all, i really dont want to use them anymore and i want my accounts closed and my money back (i mention that i’m a premium user), they are refusing to give my money back as i still have 2000 EUR on my revolut account. I’m also using MONESE and i have no problems with them, the suport is much prompt and friendly, i was attracted by the revolut app thats why i told myself to give them a try, but again i find that “whats to good to be true usually is not true”

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So what can we do? Just wait until they unblock it? They can’t just block my account and don’t give my money back, can they?

Before this, I liked the service. I even spread good words to my collegues. Now? I regret myself.

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Contact them through chat. Use “live agent” but you’ll have to wait a couple of hours unfortunately.

i am in the same position - account is blocked and no response from live support now going on 2 days blocked. @anon33247966

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