Support says account blocked

Went in App to top up my account. Says account blocked click support. Clicked support and ‘RITA’ says can’t help me and live agents are busy for 30 mins. Was in middle of transaction so had to cancel - waiting patiently no response - Rita says check help centre but can’t access that from app either…Don’t know what to do … Please advise

So did you talk to someone in support or not?

No - no reply - still waiting to hear from them

Then I’d wait these 30 minutes :wink:

It has been longer than that!

How much? But did you actually type “live agent”?

No because it didn’t tell me to type the words live agent - ‘Rita’ simply replied she could not help me and I would have to wait 30 mins for a live agent or click on the help button and type resolve if I resolve the problem - which I cannot do as I cannot click on anything as I am blocked…

Type “live agent” to get connected to a support operator, wait until they respond, and explain your problem to them.

I have typed Live Agent when you first suggested it - Thank You - I guess I will just have to sit and wait… been an hour so far - thanks for your advise

I thought you hadnt typed it before? I suggested it ten minutes ago, how come you already wait an hour? Thats a tad confusing :wink:

Revolut’s support is not the fastest though these days. First level support can answer after anything between ten minutes and four hours.

No I came on here to ask for help as I was blocked and it said click on support. I clicked on support. I explained I am blocked. RITA replied she was unable to help and I would have to wait for a live agent and they were busy and would take 30 mins. I have waited. No response. I typed on here and you suggested I typed the words LIVE AGENT… I have been stuck in the chat/support for over an hour - assuming that someone would be in touch as they said they would be within 30 minutes

They changed it recently. If Rita can’t help they automatically queue for a live agent.

She is a chatbot, just a bunch of pre-written messages which are sent based on keywords in your message. Others would probably call it artificial intelligence - way cooler these days :rofl:

OK thank you - so I just sit and wait and try to keep eye on the chat screen…

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Ohh, did they? Good move Revolut, good move (no sarcasm, God knows how that would be interpreted otherwise :slight_smile: ) :+1:

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OK - Quick to moan but also Quick to compliment! Yes it did take longer than hoped BUT support did get back to me and after a quick check everything was sorted within a minute or two. Thank you to the guys who commented and to Revolut for sorting it out.

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My pleasure :sunglasses:

To be honest the problem is most people only come on here to look for solutions to problems so they have a problem which inevitably means they are unhappy in some way…I came on for the first time and typed in the search bar and read about people complaining about things which then tends to get most people more anxious…and so the rollercoaster builds without giving time for your own problem to be sorted…Not everyone has a happy outcome but I just feel if others read this and can see that it is not all negative then happy days …thanks everyone…

Apologies for the delay @tabbaz. Glad to hear it’s sorted :slight_smile: