Support response

How great it would be to get a response from support within max 10 minutes? 45 minutes gone and yet no answer, I really need help with my account, very urgent

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When you requested to speak with a live agent, you should have received an estimated waiting time as well.

Just spoke to the agent Marcin, I explained that I’ve been struggling with sending money to my partner since yesterday, I am also unable to transfer the money back to my bank account, I went and created another Revolut account with a different number though I had the same problem, when I asked Marcin when the issue will be resolved unfortunately he can’t answer, what I don’t understand is why are you happy to accept my money when topping but you aren’t allowing me to get it back or transfer it to my partner??? I am so disappointed in Revolut, I thought this app is revolutionary but it’s really just not up to the standard, I mean how is it acceptable to say to a customer that someone will speak to you in 2/4 hours?

You must have received it. Check the first message of each screenshot.

How did you manage to use WhatsApp to contact support ?

I didn’t. I just used WhatsApp for an easier transfer of my screenshot to my laptop, so that I could upload it here :smiley:

Hello guys.

We’re currently working on expanding our support team, and working to keep wait time at a minimum.

To achieve this we’ll be investing in our infrastructure and customer support alongside our global expansion :sunglasses:

Hello, I have been left on read by Greg. I’m not sure how long it will take for him to respond I hope it’s not this long