Support response time


I’ve been a user since day 1 and I’m also an investor.

My card was declined for “no reason” yesterday.

I raised a support issue with a HUMAN yesterday.

24 hours later you reply.

If this is the future you have some serious issues. It was never like this before.

Suffice to say, support’s reply 24 hours after I needed them was 100% useless.


Yeah it’s not good at all now is it! I’m a new user and very disappointed by the customer support response times seeing as though they rate so highly.


Our sincere apologise for the delay guys, we are extremely busy on support. It is our priority to minimise wait time and get back to everyone as quickly as possible. This is a priority. Again, very sorry for this.


I have been locked out of my account for a month now even text on here and no response I have done everything asked of me and still no joy blocked on chat too and there is money on the account disgusting really imagine if I was abroad I would be left with nothing


Very sorry Andy. I will write you a private message so we can discuss this.


When because I am going to seek legal advice for blocking my card then ignoring me and me doing everything that you asked of me I’m sure this is not good business practice and I will be taking it to the highest court to ensure you will be outed for doing this first Facebook then papers too


So regards to your getting in touch with me I will give you until 28/04/17 then I will be seeing legal advice on this matter because I have heard that someone will get back to me and nobody​ ever dose…:rage:


I have asked for a live agent in order to make something clear before my first deposit and i have not get an answer after a day waiting i have send in fecebook page too not a word either.I cannot trust an enterprise with my money if i take this customer service under consideration.


I’m still waiting for support to respond… day 2! . Wasted over an hour looking at my screen waiting for a response. Do the phone + app need to be unlocked for a message to come through?

In addition to pretty terrible customer support : I am waiting for a refund and I have no idea why it is taking so long.

I was thinking about using Revolut’s new current account but there is no way that will happen without proper customer support.


I am having the same thought as you.

I have used the debit card and app a fair amount. Until recently I was happy with the product. Yesterday I experienced a problem and reached out to support. Still no response.

A finance company handling people’s money can’t make you wait days to respond, and that’s not including the time it will take to fix a problem. On Monday I will decide if I want to file a complaint with the FCA.


I remember when support replied in 3 minutes not 2-3 days.

It’s not acceptable if you want to keep customers.


It has become an issue. I’m not even signed up fully yet, but love the concept, but the back office is nowhere near ready.

It seems a real shame, as the app and idea are first rate. They just need to increase the back office quickly, if not people will leave and go elsewhere. If you get more staff, happier customers (both existing and new) will want it. However if the service is poor then people leave and it folds. I have seen enough people mentioning the poor service I’ll wait for a bit and see if it improves. I don’t want to take a handful of cash ‘just in case’ it defeats the object surely??

Hopefully the people who make these decisions are reading this forum and actually sort it out.


Waiting for a reply from support for 5 hours now…


I rest my case. That’s 4 3/4 hours longer than I would want.


I think that Revolut is operating on max capacity in support but only the demand is too high after launching Premium a lot of new customers will join I think.


I appreciate they may be at maximum, it’s not the staff fault I know. But if the service isn’t there, people will leave and go elsewhere. It seems to be a bit too busy and no one seems to have anticipated the extra demand.

Come on Revolut get it sorted out!


@Andy141I have written you a private message.

We are sincerely sorry for the delay in wait time guys. We are doing all we can to accommodate the amount of new users and it is our priority to minimise wait time. We understand this, and are working very hard to ensure everyone’s issues are resolved as efficiently as possible.


Oh, you were lucky to get a human. Do they exist @ Revolut?


I lost 70EUR a month ago over a double ATM transaction while on holidays, there was a promise then of a Chargeback Team rushing to my rescue, but of course no-one appeared.

Im now back in the UK and ive left the matter in the hands of the Financial Ombudsman.

No one seems to care.


Revolut, you minimise wait time by employing more staff. It’s simple!

You have enough investment money now to make that upgrade.