Support response time - 24hrs +++


I’ve been waiting over 24 hrs for a response from support and nothing - how long do others find it takes with them to deal with a support query they stated on a notice would take ‘up to 24 hrs’?!?


I have the same situation. I have created an account and they need extra verification but seems no one’s out there to carry it out :frowning:


Pretty frustrating isn’t it. I’ll let you when/if i get a response - i first sent something to support @ 11.42 yesterday morning


When I started, bot was replying but it was slow and I don’t know why the app doesn’t give push notifications for messages… If I get out of the app I don’t know if I got a new message… which usually comes after weird delays, especially considering it’s a bot.

I ran the command “Live agent” and after sometime one support person read my query and then told me she is going to “escalate” my case to the appropriate team and I haven’t heard anything back.

Even the bot doesn’t work anymore. I got the last message yesterday at 11:46 PM (CET). I would let you know if I got something too!


Try contact via Facebook or Twitter


I’m a premium member and been waiting 10 hours?? No ones responding Iv tried twitter also


I got a reply yesterday evening. My problem’s solved now :slight_smile: They’re saying there’s too many requests these days.