Support offline on a Tuesday at 13.00 cet???

I have just tried to start a chat because of an issue I’m facing with my card but the status of the support says offline, in the middle of the day…

I’ve been registered for a couple of months now and only just realised that even though it always says offline it turns to online when you click it - probably just a bit of discouragement to keep the 3 day waiting time for support down, what they should be doing is employing more support staff not ignoring customers.

Although I haven’t made any significant top ups or transactions to trigger any problems, it seems there are lots of people complaining about lost funds and lack of support - not helpful for the majority of their customers who are on holiday hoping for easy exchange and feeless withdrawals, but instead receiving account locks for “routine security checks” without explanation or even notice, or complete loss of funds during transfer.

I am rapidly becoming discouraged from even trying to up my deposit limits by depositing larger amounts.

Just try and type live agent inside the chat

Hi there. I’m replying to your in-app message, I can see your card active.

You can check this in the app too.

Hi there I’m having the same issues as welll can this be sorted pls