Support not responding and giving no answers

Blocked account. No help from the support team. Should I call Police or send letter to UK courts?


my account has been blocked since Christmas. Thank you Revolut for creating additional stress during Christmas. Since 22 December my account has been blocked for no reason or the reason they call it “your account has been flagged”. Since that time there were 5 different people who gave me wage answers and passed me on to the next department. Until today nothing has been solved, the only message I am getting is: Hi, I am Oleg, Wanda, Aleksandra and etc… I will look into your case" and after 3hours they say “unfortunately I can not do anything”. So in my opinion the only way to sor this is to go to the POLICE or UK COURT accusing Reovlut of steeling my money. I think this should go global if I don’t get solution within the next 2 days. The entire community should no, that they can be trapped with no answer and no support. Revolut is not reliable system and people can loose their money. This should be in all news to stop this kind of activity. I hope someone will read this and take some actions. Please see the attachments that I am trying really ahrd to get this solved as a customer, but revolut gives no s… about it.!!

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Hello, i have the same problem, no answer from 2 weeks, very bad customer services. It s very frustrating do not get a answer.

Have you did a report to the police ? Have you fixed the problem ?