Support not available

I posted a support query 4 hours ago in the support chat… zero response. What do I do now? anyone know of any numbers or any way to get assistance. I have a business account so would expect to be able to get help during normal business hours.

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I’ve bothered support yesterday and RITA told me approximately time to contact with an agent. Didn’t you have such information? Have you typed live agent?

Yes at 0930 this morning and several times during the day … zero response. Its very odd because in the past (before we had paid) they were very fast. Any idea whats going on because they will soon get a terrible reputation if this is how they intend to behave.

Same is happening to me… Support chat is not available. Any ETA to fix this?

try to type resolved, ten live agent ones again

Tried that … still no response. The crazy thing is that when I was opening the account they were all over me like a drunk on a kebab. Now the account is open they have vanished. Really really odd and leaves me wondering what is going on with them?

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@anon33247966 ! There is person to be helped! :rotating_light: :ambulance:

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I think there is a support department that needs help more. Go to the first page of Trustpilot reviews and you will note that 7 out of 20 are “BAD”. Go to the first page of Reviews of currencyfair and they have 20 good reviews. I have accounts in both.

As mentioned, your chat has been escalated to the right team.

Regarding out TrustPilot rate is 7.9/10 at the moment.

Hello, i have the same problem, no answer from 2 weeks, very bad customer services. It s very frustrating do not get a answer.

Have you fixed the problem ?

I thinking to make a report to the police


Hey @Claudio, great, you’ve found a thread where someone from Team Revolut also posted. Write Andreas (one post bevor your’s) a direct message. That helps more than posting as many as possible posts in various threads :wink:


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Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.

Hi Andreas.
sorry for hijacking a post. I cannot see how to create an original post on the community.
I transferred some money to revolut today for a large purchase. I presumed I could use revolut in the same manner as I would use a currency conversion company and the money would be on its way in minutes or hours. I am premier. Since doing the transfer some hours ago no one has responded.
Can someone please help. This is urgent for me, as the purchase must be made within a short amount of time. Thanks