Support not accessible for the whole day

Hi there,
Has anyone trying to reach support today?
It says they are extremely busy and I am redirected to the FAQ.
I think I have a problem with my app.
i have an issue I would to resolve asap.

You could try social media. Or you could be more specific about your problem with the app. There might be another user being able to help as well.

Thanks for your prompt response.
I have also tried social media… :frowning_face:
I have tried the blog etc but no answers. I had a new debit card that I would like to use on a new revolut account. When I top up it doesn’t work. I have contacted my bank and there is no AVS issue. The issue is that transactions from Revolut are declined because apparently Revolut is using my old card details. Can this be erased and create a new account from scratch?

Have you tried to delete the top up card? You could then add the new card details again.

Yes I did but now can no longer add it

What’s the error message?

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Hi there. Is the billing address of your card the same as the one you used when you added the card?