Support NFC functionality directly in the Revolut app for Android (without Google Pay)

Hello everyone,
this is the closest topic I found to the “issue” of having a de-googled phone.

The Revolut app (downloaded from Aurora store) was working on LineageOS in the beginning of March. I would not have created an account if I had no access to it.
Today, I made the wrong decision to “update” the app. The result, when I tap on the app :

"Revolut keeps stopping :

  • App info
  • Close app"

I have uninstalled the app, rebooted the phone, re-downloaded the app from Aurora store, the issue persists.
Revolut 10.25.1
LineageOS 20
FairPhone 3

I couldn’t find a way to download earlier versions of the app.

I’ve reached for help from my browser, and they “informed that LineageOS is a custom 3rd party ROM. As with any custom ROMs, if it stops working, there’s nothing we can do about it. It is not an original Android, but rather an android based custom firmware. You should remove the custom ROM in order for the app to be compatible with his device again.”

Then they offer me an email to fill a complaint.

I just came to this forum, to see if i got the only LineageOS phone with an issue.


I had Revolut running on my backup phone (Moto G7+) with LineageOS without any problems, except notifications, because they are delivered through Googles firebase cloud messaging. With the last major update of LineageOS I bricked this phone, so I unfortunately can’t tell if Revolut works again on LineageOS.

I have meanwhile found an old version on a website that keeps history, which is working on my phone.

@Veda.Ramesh would be nice that you update this thread, when the last version will be compatible again.

I would never trust apps from somewhere in the net, especially security sensible apps like banking apps.


I know that already, but I have no access from my phone, and my laptop demands that I log in from my phone first. So what do you suggest I do? Download the app of another bank and empty+close my Revolut account? Even to do that I need access to it somehow…

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I’d love to have this feature, my local bank app does support tap to pay, so it’d be nice if Revolut did too (especially because I use Revolut for all my payments, I don’t like carrying my main card around)

Also, while we wait for the feature, is there any non-shady (preferably open source) GPay alternative? I just want to put my card in and have NFC payments on my (almost) degoogled phone


Open source seems unlikely. (Almost) all this NFC contactless payment wizardry is based on this technology: EMV - Wikipedia

This is the same standard all modern chip + PIN payments from major payment networks are based on.

Relying on this standard is what made the transition to contactless cards and mobile payment relatively seamless because all POS terminals could already process regular chip + PIN payments.

Challengers often opted for other solutions like QR codes instead. That’s much easier to set up from an infrastructure perspective.


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @hiire. We’re constantly working on improving our products and services. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates! :hugs:

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Hi, I’m interested in this feature as well.


Hello @maanisim :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. Thanks for letting us know about your interest! We’ll make sure to keep you updated once this feature becomes available.

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