Support NFC functionality directly in the Revolut app for Android (without Google Pay)

I don’t use Google Pay (or any other Google services) and therefore can not make use of payments by NFC with my Revolut account.

Till now I thought that Google Pay is the only way to make payments by NFC possible, but I have just discovered that the app of a local bank can do that all by itself.

I just had to activate that functionality in that app and that’s it, no Google Pay needed.

It really would be great for those not using/trusting Google if that would be possible with the Revolut app as well!


@PoelieV well, shows that I’m not the only one with the desire for that functionality, and my reference to a local banking app proves that it is indeed possible.

Hopefully the Revolut app development team really will consider this!

For me it shows you didn’t use the search function before creating a new topic :wink: :rofl:

The topics are dating back to 2017 and 2018. Several local bankings apps with this technology already existed at that time. We are three years later now and Revolut still didn’t implement this, while the need for this functionality has only become less, since GooglePay and ApplePay (since then) are available in more and more countries. On top of that there is also (not all working with Revolut though) Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay, Laks Pay et cetera. I actually know of a local bank that removed the functionality from its own app, because not enough customers were using it, since it’s very easy to get that functionality elsewhere nowadays. In my opinion it’s very unlikely that Revolut, after all these years, now ‘suddenly’ will consider. But hey…who knows :wink: