Support is simply not good enough


The level of support is just not good enough
It seems like a basically good product - but when there are issues you have to fight your way through support
First the automated service, eventually getting a real person who cannot help
No email support


Hey again @ItsMikeE :slight_smile:

The email feedback ( a t ) has been previously shared on the forum, and some users commented they got their problems solved through it :wink:


I previously used an email address, but now it sends back a standard reply saying no longer in use


I have been using Revolut for a couple of months and, up until now, it’d been brilliant. However, I have been sent a payment for a large sum of Euros and it has been ‘pending’ for over four days now. I need access to the funds but they are simply not in my Revolut Euro account. I have sent all sorts of verification documents and the money has definitely been received by Revolut as there is a statement showing this but they simply will not release ‘my’ money to my account. I can’t speak to anyone about this nor is the in-app support responding at all despite quoting an ‘up to 24 hour’ verification process. Any suggestions as to what to do from here?