Support is not responding via phone


I called twice and it says that the number (+442033228352) is not taking is not available from this network? What the hell…



Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

Let me clarify, we only provide in-app support from Mon—Fri: 6am—10pm
Sat—Sun: 12pm—6pm (UK time) & Premium plan users have 24/7 support.

+442033228352 is our automated phone-line, where you can block your Revolut card.


Andreas K.


Right, but you can’t really block the card if nobody answers right?
I am the premium user but been waiting for 30+ min for the reply which is a shame it takes so long to receive a message from someone which is not a bot


It’s an automated phone-line, all you need to do is to type your phone number associated with your account and the system will block your card.

Regarding the waiting time, let me apologise. I will personally review your chat history and investigate what’s has happened.


Well I did not wanted to block my card at all I just needed some support regarding some payments which was not authorised to be made. Anyway it seems it has been solved.

I think everyone would agree that this app needs a support call department as solving anything via chat is not convenient in any way and it takes 2x longer to do it than simply phoning someone.

Especially for members with the premium membership.

Can you write here so people looking for this info will know how to block the card via this number you provided as I have no idea what did you mean by entering the number related with the account. Is if after you call or just add it after the number and then call?