Support is constantly offline and my account is blocked


How do you resolve this pls?
And I’m a premium customer…


I just set up an account now as well, I’m completely astonished by the stupidity of this situation. I’m also blocked with now access to a support person so I can’t make an important purchase.

I only setup as my friend suggest it as you can imagine I just put down the phone yelling at him for introducing to such a terrible service.

The introduction is clearly a lie, the bit about ‘instant help’ as they are useless at customer services and as someone who works in the financial service sector I can tell you that to not have access to your money or someone who you can get into contact with to get access to it (other banks have fraud services as well…) because they haven’t bothered to staff anyone to take customer queries is ridiculous.

I strongly recommend you remove the ‘instant help’ as it could be branded as false advertisement, I placed a lot of reliance on that to give me comfort in using this service but I’ve been totally let down.

I was planning to purchase a present for my wife (in Euro’s) and since they have already debited my account for the funds I can now no longer purchase it and the delay due in them unblocking my account (which I still have no reason why they did) I won’t even receive it in time.

If Revolut can’t satisfy even the most basic customer expectations (like having access to their funds/customer support) then they shouldn’t even be trading and should cease trying to pretend to be an alternative to the banks and much more reputable organisations that deal with currency exchange.

I shall be the biggest antagonist of Revolut going forward an will try to ward off any suspecting friends/family from using this terrible site in the future.


Hello there, I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience and delay. In matters of security, we want to ensure that each account with us is safe, and that can take some time as we perform routine checks. We appreciate your patience during this, but the same security precautions apply to all of our users.

It is our top priority right now to expand our support and ensure that each user is answered in a timely manner. Rest assured, we are working very hard on this and doing all we can. During the weekend our support hours are limited to 12-6 UKT. For Premium users this is 24/7.