Support is a disgrace


constant issues since I received my card from Revolut. The support function is a farce. Commenting to a robot that cannot help and being told that an agent will be with me in 12 hours. This needs to be sorted soon to stop more people being turned away.


I agree, support is disgraceful, still no card after 11 workings days and no one to give me support. 12 hr wait is a joke.


Totally agree, I cannot access anything other than the robot through app and no one has yet responded to my issue on here whilst my money still floats about somewhere in the Revolut ether. Totally disgraceful., soon as my problem is rectified I am cancelling and chopping up this useless card.


Completely agree. the customer service is so terrible I definitely will not be using Revolut again. I’m just struggling to get my money back before I can finally close my account!


I’ve been waitin 21 hours now and no response even an automatic one …


What a scary feeling it is to not know whats happened to your money and cant even reach anyone to help. Sometimes talking to someone over the phone is needed. A type of technology that Revolut has proven, you shouldn’t replace.


Totally agree. Support is so difficult tp be reached. I am going to close my accout soon if this continues. On june 25 I a hotel charged me a deposit. After my stay they promised to cancel taht transaction. Untill now the dpeosit is still chargerd to me and there is no refund. So where is my money??? Who must I believe? Hotel or Revolut?


I agree with you entirely and sorry to say it doesn’t get better if you’re a premium member. The live agents are just as bad as robots. One day I’ll post my transcripts, it’s a joke!!