Support incompetence


Around 3 weeks ago my card details were stolen and spoke to the revolut team who were very helpful and said they would be able to issue a charge back on the fraudulent payments. After the initial 10 day wait to see if the payments completed I got back in touch to get the charge backs started.

Then 5 or 6 days ago I tried to go on my account through the app and found my account was locked with no more notification on why this happened. I messaged revolut through the support app and questioned why my card had been used in Azerbaijan when this had already been explanned during previous chats. I then had to say that I wanted to confirm that the charge backs are being processed after the support team seemed unaware. Then the last response I got was that my case would be escalated to the relevant team who would be in touch ‘shortly’…

It’s now 5 days later and it’s infuriating that I need to keep going on chat to try and speak to somebody and I get nothing back. This would be too bad if revolut offered a contact phone number, but they do not… You need to keep re-openeing the app with hope that someone on the other end wants to help you.

Please improve the support availability and response time.
Please get the support team to make themselves aware of the situation on an account before locking it and questioning the customer. When all the relevant information will be on the chat logs.

If somebody from revolut sees this can they please get somebody to look at my account…


Hi @SallyN,

Really sorry to hear that. You account was locked for security reasons and as I can see you have contacted me on Facebook and I helped you with your query.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K