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I’ve just signed up for Revolut a few days ago, and decided to plunge in yesterday. I have to say after reading other threads in this community I’m afraid to continue using it. Revolut seems like a brilliant idea… IF it worked and had the resources to operate.

I uploaded my documents last night to verify my identity. It said it would take 10 minutes-1 hour, but apparently this is only true during their office hours. This and their online chat support systems gives the impression that there is live, 24/7 help but this is certainly not the case. In fact, chat says “online” at all hours, but they aren’t. There should at least be some kind of queue or “delivered/read” indication acknowledging the fact that someone will be with you later. There is nothing wrong with waiting for office hours if you are told in advance to wait for office hours!

In Revolut’s defense as soon as I got onto this community board someone was able to help me and get everything sorted. I suppose I shouldn’t complain for a free service, but it still makes me feel slightly manipulated.

After reading other people’s experiences, I’m now afraid to continue using the service as it seems like people get locked out of their accounts all the time. I see the point of locking accounts if there is suspicious spending, but locking the account after topping up? Seems like a “take the money and run away” kind of mindset. I wanted to use Revolut’s prepaid concept as a means to manage my monthly spending, and for travel, but now I’m going to be a bit more cautious. I’ll still give it a try given Revolut is at least still a legitimate company, but won’t be topping up anything more than €40 at a time.

Please, don’t try to take on more than you can handle! Even if this company is based on more or less a free service, you won’t get a good reputation for offering empty promises/tricks. Support chat especially needs a big improvement, or taken offline entirely! Probably also needs to be a better way to manage account-locking. These are pre-paid cards, and the security is ridiculously heavier than my actual credit card.

Nevertheless, thank you for your efforts and now I will await the arrival of my physical card. Hopefully I’ll only have good things to say after today!


Hi! :raised_hand:

Even though Revolut is working hard to improve their support, I agree that having it set-up as a chat isn’t the best idea when people have to wait hours to get an answer, it’s frustrating.
They did announce 24/7 support yesterday though, so we’re all hoping this frustration will soon be something of the past.

Please keep in mind that :r: has more than 1 million customers, and obviously all the happy ones don’t come here to tell about their amazing experience. Instead we only get the ones who have problems…
About people who get their accounts locked, it seems quite many of them do things like: load £1000 at once and then send everything to some crypto currency market. That kind of behaviour looks suspicious (even if legit in some cases).
On the opposite side, many people use their account normally, just like they would with their regular account: they buy stuff in shops, on amazon, take cash out, top-up, buy some crypto, etc. These people are never locked out :slight_smile:

You have to understand that just like any bank, they need to protect both their clients and themselves against fraud and theft, not an easy task.

Some banks will block your card if you go abroad without telling them before hand. That’s also some stupid security. Revolut has some issues as well, different ones, but they’re working on them.

I hope you will learn to enjoy using Revolut and save lots of money abroad on conversion rates! :wink:

Please note that I’m just a happy customer, happy that fin-tech is now a thing.


I see why you are under this impression. But there is a reason why people get locked out. And you only get feedback from people that have a problem here. I agree that customer service is crucial and should be improved. In the meantime, here’s my advice (from someone who uses the product since 2015 and never got locked out – lucky me) :wink:

Read the FAQs carefully. If you do, you will understand the product better. Revolut is in many details different than your average bank. Getting familiar in detail with how things work helps to avoid many problems.

Things to keep in mind:
Your mobile number is your log-in! It should not come as a surprise that you’re locked out of your account when you are changing your phone number. The number can of course be changed, but this is way easier when you still have access to your old number (confirmation codes are sent to this number when you want to install the app on a new phone for example).

Check out your yearly top up limit and get prepared in advance if you’re planning to raise this limit. After crypto became available, lots of users complained that they had trouble routing large sums through Revolut because they weren’t aware of such a yearly limit. They were pissed that raising this limit wasn’t a matter of hours due to Revolut’s money laundering checks.

Reasons why people get locked out (from my experience in this forum, I don’t have any insight here):
– no access to old phone number
– yearly top up limit is reached
– problems with verifying cards that are used for top ups
– fast movement (in and out of large sums from accounts that are not in ones name) that might trigger a money laundry watch bot.

Keep in mind that Revolut right now is not a bank but an e-money company. They work together with lots of partners like banks, payment processors, partners for international transfers, exchanges, … that are “stitched together”. Different regulations apply here and they have to follow not just “their” policies but also the ones of their partners. Strict rules are the reason why they still offer their product while others that offered a crypto prepaid card recently had to stopp.

So study the FAQs, relax and enjoy Revolut. And yes, I think it is a good idea to start with relatively small sums and first get familiar with how everything works. :wink:


^ THIS :clap: :pray:

Revolut will turn into a bank with a real licence this year. They will be more in control, everything will improve, they will probably issue regular debit-cards, etc, really looking forward to all this!