Support - How to get a reply?


How long does one have to wait for support. I have been waiting for someone to get back to me for several days. Any tips about getting attention?



usually they’ll get back to you within 48 h. Is your request still valid ? Sometimes they expire when too much time passes by.



I have to confess, some of these comments regarding support (or lack of) is making me think I might not want to put any money in. If I have an issue I would like almost instant assistance as something quick might resolve it. Several days doesn’t sound that great, or if it takes longer it self deletes?? Hmmmm.


I’ve been waiting ages for someone to get back to me. I’m about to take a flight but no one will confirm my identity documents and the app seems to have frozen. I’ve tried deleting the app and starting again but it’s still frozen. What’s the point in having a “support” button if no one is able to support you on this. Used this card for my last trip but regretting it now. Terrible service


Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Our support team is receiving an unusual high volume of requests, which is causing delay in getting back to you. We’re working hard on expanding our support team.

If for any reason you cannot reach our support team you can email us to, or message on our Facebook page. Or you can use our community page, where you can express your idea/feedback or get assistance.


I have tried to contact support on a few occasions, but states it’s offline. But the messages don’t ever go thru to get an answer when it comes back online??

I’m trying to find out how long it takes to get a card to me. But I’m thinking I’m not sure I’ll bother at this rate! Shame as it looks like a great idea in theory.


Really sorry to hear that. There’s an incredibly high demand for our services, which is causing this delay.

We offer two delivery options, standard delivery (5£), which takes up to 9 working days or express delivery (12£) which takes up to 2 working days.


Andreas K.


Hi, thanks for that. A bit late for my holiday at the end of next week, I don’t want to pay for express delivery.

It’s a shame that the back office workings haven’t caught up with the popularity of the card, it seems a great idea. Maybe I’ll wait a bit to see if the back office support is bolstered a bit. Thanks


Eventually I received a flurry of replies.

Not sure if my leaving comments here made a difference to the speed of response.

End result was that I and Revolut concluded at more or less the same moment to part company.


Hi, I need to speak/write with cs - my phone is lost. I can’t remember the phone number as I only used it occasionally. I have the card, email and any other verification required to confirm who I am.
Please can someone contact me by email or through here?


Hi there. Are you able to send me a direct message?


Hi Andreas,

Sure, how do I do that? I’m not sure I have your email address (unless
this is it!).




You can send me a direct message here. Click on my profile.