Support Function Not showing replies


I asked for help on the support chat and i know the operator replied because i got a notification, but i cannot read it


Hey @i990342.

Could you please try to log out & log back in the app?


Andreas K.


Eventually the support worked i managed to read the reply…
But the history is not visible and now i just get Rita.

So cannot be considered a bug i suppose is just not the customer experience i was hopping for.
Maybe after sometime the app could sent the chat conversation to the email or display some message saying “we got your message… we will reply soon”


I am observing this issue as well. After log out and log in, history (including replies) was still empty but after trying to type something it appeared after a few seconds. Is this a known issue that is being worked on? (this would be the Android version)



I missed a reply to acknowledge that this was being worked on, but this seems to be fixed in version 4.3.0.