Support for Windows Phone (or non-Android / iPhones)

Hi all,

I love the Revolut product, and was wondering whether you had plans to support non-Android / iPhone operating systems such as Windows? A couple of my friends have Windows Phones and would have already applied for a Revolut account if they had been able to.




With the move to common apps between windows 10 ,w10 for mobile, Xbox One and HoloLens it would be a great addition and also make alot of sense as these device numbers continue to grow except w10 for mobile.

There is really no need.
Android, iOS Now Account for 99% of Global Smartphone Market


I think the more diplomatic approach here (since as Andrius noted, iOS+Android reign supreme) is to eventually offer up a web portal w/ responsive design. Then you can use it on any device!


It does not have to do with any kind of market share.

In my opinion, leaving a part of the market outside is not good.

Perhaps, the best solution is to create a we portal that can be accessed by any phone os.

Hint: look at what other financial companies do!

A windows app would be fantastic and very easy to do. When windows mobile had the android subsystem the app worked 100% without having to be recompiled and with the tools Microsoft it would be very quick and easy for Revolut to do. Based on this experience I believe they could just recompile the ios app.

I know I would use the card a lot more if there was a windows mobile app.


While I agree that on the surface the Windows phone community is small, I disagree with “there is no need”. The potential Windows UWP Community is huge, all Win10 devices - PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, Xbox, HoloLens… Multiple potential Enterprise and private users that the convenience of a web app or a UWP app would be useful, some even that have limited BYOD policies in the work place that have a ‘need’ for a revolut type service but cant have an Android or Ios device in the workplace - or without having to carry multiple devices. A competitor will serve this market soon if Revolut doesn’t.

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Having revolut on my windows phone would be awesome, for me this is the only app I miss on windows phone. For now I have to use our household tablet for topping up.


I agree that we really need a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. I have a Windows Phone and a Surface tablet, and it would be great to be able to use Revolut on these devices while travelling. The market share argument is null and void: Windows 10 has 300 million installs and rising, and a UWP app would run on everything from Windows tablets to PCs to Xboxes and Windows Phones. I hate having to use Bluestacks on my laptop to be able to operate my Revolut account, and of course I can’t use the geolocation security features of Revolut if I’m not travelling with my laptop.

A web interface and a UWP Windows 10 app would be easy to co-develop. There are easy tools to port a web interface to UWP in order to enable Windows 10 notifications to PC and phone with almost zero extra coding. I’m not talking about a basic web wrapper, there are more sophisticated tools than that provided for free by Microsoft. Everything from Xamarin which allows for code once and publish on all platforms, to Hosted Web Apps using Visual Studio.

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So is Revolut planning to release the Windows Phone app or this is not something you have in mind?


Which is the status of Windows Phone app ?

As I just joined REVOLUT, I have a windows smartphone and I would like to know which is the alternative solution

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A Windows 10 Universal App would be the best solution here, because it would work on phones, PCs, Xboxes, Surface tablets, and would provide a way for the great majority of users to access the Revolut service from their desktops as well as for those who have Windows Phones, while still providing the full security of a sandboxed app locked to specific and identifiable device. However, Revolut have just made nice noises about this and I don’t see any real determination to do anything about it. Second best would be a Web app that is accessible on all major browsers, though I imagine that would require some kind of SMS-code security.

Very Very Very!!!
Annoying the fact that there is no WP support!!!
How come one of the best mobile devices (for business) lack the application?!
I am using Revolut app on my iPad and needed to commit an important payment during the day and, it was declined!!! Without email notification!!!
Thanks very much Revolut, you are very f*** secure! But I don’t have any plans on caring my iPad all day with me, and I am not one of the “cool” people who use Apple and Android devices!

Please Revolut, you are gone so far from everyone else, would you stop here? Can’t develop a little app on Windows platform? Shame on you!!!

It sounds like you need to turn off the location-based security, assuming your transaction was declined because your iPad was too far away from the place of transaction? I am forced to use the Revolut app on RemixOS (an Android virtual machine that can run on Windows tablets) – and I have in the past used Bluestacks – but I’ve never had a transaction declined even when travelling without my computer.