Support for verification of bank card without embossed number


Most debit cards (the Maestro 16-digits and the Visa debit ones, which are unfortunately still a minority) in Italy don’t have digits embossed on the card, but just printed, so the process of verification which requires the card to be scanned by the phone camera doesn’t go through and you have to contact the support and provide them with bank statements (which takes a lot longer, though the support was very kind and helpful to me when I had to do that). It would be very nice to have this problem solved in some ways.


I can confirm the same issue with Lithuanian debit cards as well.


I have the same issue with Slovenian debit cards. Support was unable to help me verify this card, and I was told to wait until this will be fixed. Hopefully this can happen soon, as sometimes my account just gets locked-out because of a few non-verified cards in there.


Ask the support via Twitter, they helped me verify the card :slight_smile:


will do. Basically what they told me, that verifying a card is not really necessary, and it is true. The card does work without going thru the process of verification. The problem occurs when I add a new (different) card, my account always gets locked-out due to having 3 or 4 cards in there, that are not verified.
Hopefully this gets solved.


Yes that’s very annoying and this is because I asked for manual verification, which they did. It also doesn’t ask for verification via 3D-Secure every time you top up with the verified card.


Heya everyone! One of the guys working on the card verification issue here. The non-embossed numbers are definitely a pain point, but we’re looking at it from a variety of angles. Bank statements are our fallback measure in the meantime. If you come chat with us on support, we can definitely help you out with your card verification. :smiley:

@Mike - Chat with us on the in-app support and let’s see if we can sort out those intermittent lock issues. Ask for me (Eric), or another member of the compliance team! :slight_smile: