Support for those STILL missing money due to the BIC transfer issue

I am still waiting for approx €1700 which was sent on the 29th of January to my IBAN at Revolut but with the wrong BIC code (REVOGB2L). This was automatically done by the sending bank, when previous only 2 days prior transfer from the same bank account (a test transfer) worked fine. I know from many other threads on here than many people are in the same boat, and are waiting for the money to “bounce back”.

I am interested to know who is still waiting for their money bank, and what bank/country it was sent from originally?

My money was sent from Naspa bank in Germany (Nassauische Sparkasse) - the sender has enquired with them but they are still saying that Revolut must have the money, and they can’t see it on their system.

I’m having the same issue! Waiting for 1900€ from 2 transfers made on 01.02.2018. One from Paypal and the other from a private account.
Both haven’t hit my account by today although it worked 3 times before from the same accounts. I can’t belive that Paypal change the BIC I once had to verify, why should they do that? Very disappointing the whole situation. I’m reliant on that money, it’s so big trouble and @revolut won’t help…

Same Problem here via PayPal was sending on 1.2.2018 PayPal did is not asking for a BIC.

Transfers before without any Problems.

Do you guys know if Paypal supports bouncebacks like regular banks (if at all)?

Same problem here, made a transfer from PayPal of 1300 EUR on the 31st of January still no sign of the money.

Did a transfer from dutch ING on the 25th of January. Has not arrived in my Revolut account nor returned to my ING. ING told me that the money is with Revolut and they need send it back if they cannot determine the right account. Still waiting…based on the number of complaints here I am surprised no official communication with action plan has been published.

Also made a transfer from Deutsche Bank last night. I used the correct BIC but afte payment was processed it was converted into a wrong BIC.

Things can go wrong, I accept that. But the way Revolut has been handling this has been very disappointing. These type of issues cannot be resolved by the first or second line support teams, but needs to escalated to the highest level, so that appropriate actions can be taken. This not good for Revoluts license to operate as it is costing their customer base money and trust in the new banking system.

You would think that Revolut should be interested in making sure that money keeps coming into bank accounts.

That’s weird. I just double checked. I did another test transfer yesterday. The online banking did show the correct “21” BIC after processing the IBAN. And it did not change back over night. Sparkasse, not Deutsche Bank, though. At least it might indicate that the fix of the IBAN database banks use slowly propagates through banking networks.

Made a SEPA transfer on Feb. 2nd from my Raiffeisen Bank account (Austria). Still waiting for the money either to appear back at my Raiffeisen account or at Revolut.

I assume those lost Paypal wires will be even more difficult to deal with, given their policy of just sending boilerplate responses.

I hope not, money should arrive today and tomorrow (this being the 6th working day).

I just talked to Paypal and there was a good second level support. They told me that they can help me today to recall my money but they need a confirmation from Revolut that my money hasn’t hit my Revolut Account. -> Now talked to a Revolut chat agent and guess what - they won’t give me that confirmation and saying it’s Paypal‘s fault and they are responsible for that. UNBELIEVABLE bad support! Instead of helping me to proceed with the recall of my money as soon as possible they give up responsibility to Paypal! I‘m so paralyzed right now. What if we didn’t get back our money?

I’m in the same boat, fortunately, for a smaller amount than most of you (150€).
Payment sent from Belgium (Argenta) on Wednesday the 31 of January.

I contacted the in-app support many times which has been a totally useless “just wait for an undetermined amount of time, it SHOULD bounce back. If not, contact your bank”.

I didn’t wait and contacted my bank right away. They told me this is a known issue with revolut and that I wasn’t the first to contact them. It should be fixed after their next BIC database update.
They also said that I can ask them to investigate to get my money back (which I did) and that I might have some fees (not from them, from the final bank).

I’m convinced this is 100% revolut’s fault, it’s not a coincidence if so many banks are using the wrong BIC, that means someone f* up on revolut side.
Now picture this: I put the wrong BIC code which gets propagated to hundreds of banks around Europe, every transfer made during that period gets bounced back (supposedly). For each bounced back transfer I ask for 30€ fees.

How many transfers have been made during that period of time ? how many will have fees? 20000 ? more ?
20000*30 = 600000€ of easy extra cash. Knowing they firmly refuse to refund any fees, doesn’t it sound like blatant fraud ?
This issue should be reported and investigated by competent authorities.

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1053 € paid by my company and no sign of it. @revolut we need an official statement from you to explain to our employers what was the problem!!!

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Somebody should make this public to the media. @AndreasK thoughts?

Are you sure that Revolut is collecting the fees and not the sending bank? Because I am asking my bank to refund the fees.

Same problem - made transfer on 31.01.2018 from my exchange market account and my money are now lost… I think that they use Fidor Bank in Germany…

Update from me today - no sign of the money. The sending bank claimed yesterday that Revolut Ltd. has the money. 9 working days and counting since the first transfer …

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