Support for standard users, credit limit increase and transfer feedbacks


Hello Everyone,
I would like to report a fact that is causing me some trouble and I hope to prevent problems to others as well.
I am a standard user and I had my account limited to 15k/year.
As I intended to make a (significant for my finances) quick currency exchange operation I contacted the support in the chat to increase the limit while I was doing the transfer.
Documents for the credit limit increase were provided and the limit increased (in two days time if I remember well).
The transfer is still not credited (done last week) and the exchange rate has become a non interesting so profit is gone…
my main question is, which status is the transfer now? It is an amount that is very significant for my finances.
Profit gone an money in a limbo… support does not answer and frustration is growing (anxiety will be next step I guess).
Looking on the internet for a phone number I can’t find any to speak to a human being I start to be a little disappointed and I think that this case is not well handled at all by Revolut.


Write them on twitter if you don’t get an answer via live chat


“significant … quick currency exchange” , that’s likely to trigger potential money laundering blocking.


Significant for my finances, and from My bank account to My revolut account would not be a creative and productive money lundrung activity I guess :slight_smile: