Support for Samsung Gear S


Hi, my idea is to make an app for Samsung smart devices (Gear S). Maybe it will be also nice to have the support of Samsung pay.


We’re looking to support more devices and also introduce NFC for all our users! Stay tuned.


Hi. Would be nice to have some app on Samsung Gear. Any news from Revolut?


How long should we stay tuned??? It’s almost a year now :frowning:


Well I guess NFC payment does not necessarily mean Samsung Pay/Samsung Gear. Google Pay is coming.

I think the market share is low compared to WearOS or other NFC devices. I cannot imagine that it economically clever to have people working on Gear support.

Revolut is a free product for many clients.


Also, you’ve been waiting for this for only a year now…
We, Apple Pay requestors have been waiting for ApplePay support for more than 1.5years! :laughing:
Also we’ve been advised months rather than years… back in April of 2017. Hahahaha
Anyways if the time comes, and NFC payment is supported, then it takes less time to allow smartwatches with GearOS to make a payment.