Support for 19-digit Maestro cards


It would be nice to have support for 19-digit Maestro card since they are quite common in Europe (of my 5 bank account only one provides a 16-digit Maestro card, which I was able to use to top-up with Revolut).


It’s the same for me! I support this topic!


This should definitely be implemented at the earliest possible opportunity. I mentioned this in my recent post:


I already asked this to the customer support and they told me their MasterCard agreement does not include some Maestro cards at the moment…

In Belgium we have 17 digits Maestro cards and the CVV is either 000 or 999. If Revolut would only allow one more digit… :wink:


You said it all…I simply don’t understand why there could not be a common international standard for Maestro cards…If most of the world has a 16-digit standards, well then let’s adopt it…

Do you think think the 17-digit number in Belgium is something mandated by MasterCard or by Bancontact company?


Bancontact is a national debit payment system, which is valid in Belgium. France, Italy and other countries have similar systems (Carte Bancaire, Bancomat, etc.).

However, Bancontact also works for electronic use when the 17th digit is allowed.

The mystery remains…


Sure, I am aware of this, I simply don’t understand why Maestro card issuers accross Europe have not standardized the number of their Maestro cards.


There are political reasons even though nobody likes to talk about it. Sorry for the long and messy post, but if you really want to know the reasons…

Virtually all German Maestro cards still have 19 digit numbers, starting with 672, and an additional “issue number” (Kartenfolgenummer) is used for differentiation. A large portion of the card number is formed by the account number.

The Federal Competition Office requires IBAN readability for German debit cards in order to allow a (very unsafe and rather cumbersome) secondary card payment processing method, “Electronic Direct Debit” (ELV) which works by way of SEPA direct debit as opposed to an authorised card payment. Despite the interchange fee reduction by Regulation (EU) 751/2015, the German authorities still consider ELV a valuable competitor to the incumbent schemes in order to keep card processing fees low. (Cheap for the merchant but ridiculously unsafe, ELV has probably hindered, not promoted the growth of card acceptance in Germany - but that’s German authorities for you.)

Also, German banks loooove to charge account maintenance fees. So they give out a Maestro or V PAY card that is useless for online shopping, and can charge you more money for a Visa or Mastercard credit card. (Unless you are with an online bank, they would usually issue two cards for free.)


Thank you, with the latest update I was finally able to top-up using my 19-digit Maestro card :smiley: